What are some of the little things a commercial cleaner should be doing?

What are some of the little things a commercial cleaner should be doing?

At In-Tec Commercial Cleaning, we believe that when it comes to office cleaning, it’s all about the finer details. This means cleaning specific areas that you may not think need cleaning but are actually harboring a considerable amount of dust and germs. This includes:

  1. Bottom of chairs (the star’s as we call them)
  2. Wiping tops of filing cabinets and cupboards
  3. Change bin liners if they are dirty or showing old age
  4. Dusting windowsills
  5. Vacuuming edges and corners
  6. High dusting – tops of doorframes
  7. Vacuuming air-conditioning vents (if requested)

Desks that have modesty panels are dusted and wiped down

Our team of professional Southampton cleaning services also perform other little things around your office that a lot of cleaning companies don’t do – we can collect plates and cups, and we can stack and unstack dishwashers (however these types of tasks are at your request). At times, these little things end up being really important and worthwhile for our client’s teams.

We work with the belief that as long as the little things are taken care of, the big things will take care of themselves – this is what makes us different from any other commercial cleaning company.

Feel free to download our printable checklist that includes all the tasks your commercial cleaner should be doing in your workplace office areas!

What does quality commercial office cleaning achieve?

In a few simple points, there are 2 main goals that quality office cleaning achieves:

Actively improves the hygiene of your workplace – keeping your team productive and happy
Ensures your site is clean, not just looking clean – keeping all who visit the site healthy

You don’t have to hire multiple companies to do different cleaning tasks. Instead, you can just hire one company to handle all your needs. This is easier, more efficient, and easier to manage. It is crucial to select the right contract cleaning company for your needs.


There is no need to hire permanent staff to clean your house. There are no sick or leave days. contract cleaning companies will ensure that there is always someone available to handle your cleaning needs.

Professionals who are trained:

There is no need to worry about the training. Your contract cleaners will arrive on your premises fully trained and ready for work. You won’t have to teach them how to clean, scrub, or polish your premises.


A contract cleaning company is efficient because they have the experience to know where to start and finish to clean your premises the best way.

Why should you choose a contract cleaner?

Perhaps you are wondering why a contract cleaner is necessary. Contract cleaning is an outsourced service, so you can use their services whenever you need them. There will be no employment contracts or worries about hiring permanent employees. Instead, you’ll have a flexible service that can deliver exactly what you need. Contract cleaning companies have the expertise and professionalism to clean your premises in the most efficient way possible. Many contract cleaning companies offer a range of services and can tailor a solution to fit your needs. It is easy and stress-free.

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