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Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve HP Printer not Printing Black

We recognize your annoyance if you’ve been trapped with an HP Printer not Printing Black issue. Whether you’re in a hurry, need crucial documents produced quickly, or need paper documents immediately since you’re running behind schedule. You’re in a tough spot when a printer doesn’t print in black. However, when anything goes wrong (like a malfunctioning printer), it doesn’t simplify your job; it just gives you another issue to deal with. Know more in detail with this blog.

Why HP Printer won’t Print black ink?

You can find numerous potential causes of the HP Printer Not Printing Black problem. If you don’t know what can be the causes behind this printing issue, know here.

  • The Print Head Vent is blocked.
  • Issue your ink shortage can be the cause.
  • Use of an outdated driver done.
  • Having problems with the printer ink cartridge’s internals.
  • The same problematic issue is presumably being caused by a printer alignment issue.

Fortunately, there are some effective fixes to immediately resolve the HP Printer won’t Print Black ink problem. The proper method for getting it removed from the root is explained in the guide below. Therefore, take a look over here!

Different Troubleshooting Methods to Quickly Solve HP Printer not Printing Black

Method 1: Carry out fundamental Troubleshooting

  • First, switch off your printer, unplug any USB wires, and turn off the power supply. Connect your printer once more and replug it after a short while. Restart your printer after that.
  • Run a “Quality Diagnostic Report” or a “Print Test Page.”
  • This option is normally located on your printer’s display panel. Or, for more information, refer to the user manual for your printer.
  • If your printer still doesn’t print in black, double-check the amount of ink in each of your cartridges.

We will need to discover a different approach to determine whether your ink cartridges are at fault if you are using aftermarket cartridges that do not show ink levels.

Method 2: Enable the Printer Color Command

Check the fundamental printer commands that come after them. To fix the HP printer color not printing problem, first, check to see whether the color option is disabled.

If your HP printer won’t print color, simply follow these easy instructions to complete this task.

  • “Settings” can be chosen from the “Start” menu.
  • Select “Printers” from the options menu.
  • Select “Properties” by right-clicking on the icon for your printing system.
  • Choose “Printing preferences” from the properties page.
  • Then pick “Color” under the “Paper/quality” option. Then click “OK” to leave the page.
  • Receive a color print of your choice after passing a print test.
  • Alternatively, you can resolve the issue with color printing by turning on “Grayscale” printing. The HP Envy printer’s “Printing Preferences” setting prevents the printer icon’s color from printing.

Method 3: Check the ink cartridges using the printer’s tool

  • Ensure that your printer is turned on.
  • Next, slightly open the access door for the printer cartridges.
  • With great caution, remove the ink cartridges, and replace them with fresh, high-quality ink cartridges.
  • Use the printer screen at this time.
  • Place the () sign in the screen’s upper left corner.
  • Look for the “Tool” option using the screen’s side directional arrows.
  • Select the “OK” tab from the Tool menu.
  • You will now see a choice that controls the cartridges’ ink levels. Choose it, then select the OK tab.

You can print a test page after the cleaning procedure is successfully finished to see if your printer is printing in black this time or not. Move on to the following remedy if the issue continues.

Method 4: Make the printhead clean

Why won’t my printer print even after replacing the ink cartridges is a common question. Although changing the ink cartridges is not a time waster, sometimes it still isn’t enough to fix the HP printer’s black print problems. The next thing you need to try is to clean the printhead using the instructions below.

  • Activate your printer.
  • Look in the control panel for the Printer Maintenance option.
  • To complete the automatic printhead cleaning, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.
  • The procedure could take between one and two minutes to finish.
  • Your printer will print a test page after cleaning is complete. If you are happy with the print quality, the issue with the printer, not printing black has probably been fixed.
  • Try again if it’s still there.

Steps to Manually Cleaning Print Heads

  • Take a plastic bottle and put warm water in it.
  • Dip the paper towel into the water about two inches deep.
  • Remove all of the printer’s ink cartridges.
  • Open the printer’s cartridge access door, raise the latch, and carefully remove the printhead.
  • Place the printhead on a container with water in it.
  • Wipe the printhead clean of any extra ink. Use the moistened cloth to do it.
  • After cleaning the printhead, allow it to air dry completely before installing it in the printer.
  • Additionally, put ink cartridges, turn on the printer, and print a test page.


Despite getting concerned, contact the IT experts if your HP Printer not Printing Black is still not solved despite consciously following the above troubleshooting instructions. Call the HP Customer Service number for more useful information about your printing issues.

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