Top 8 Security Risks Security Guards Must Watch

While you’ve probably taken every precaution to protect your business or home, you might have missed some security issues that could make it more vulnerable to burglary.

While you can hire security personnel from a trusted security guards company to protect your property, addressing the security risks that often go unnoticed to ensure your property remains safe is crucial.

1. Weak Doors

Even doors with locks might not be strong enough for a criminal to kick in to gain entry to a building.

It is more difficult for criminals and law enforcement to force solid open doors or frames made with longer screws and reinforced strike plates. For glass doors, steel grills can provide excellent reinforcement.

2. Poor Outdoor Lighting

Poor lighting is often a sign that criminals see the potential for break-ins. Intruders can hide better in darkness if there is not enough lighting around doors and other entranceways.

Install enough outdoor lighting with motion detectors and working light bulbs to protect your property.

3. Unsecured Slide Doors

Sliding doors that aren’t locked or with weak locks often cause break-ins. Intruders may be able to get in through the original lock on a sliding door.

Keyed locks can be purchased to protect sliding doors from being broken into. Sliding doors can also be prevented from being lifted off the tracks by installing bars.

4. Outdated Security System

Your security system may be outdated, even though it appears to work well with your surveillance cameras and burglar alarm. It is easier for tech-savvy criminals to hack into old security systems.

A List Security can also provide security officers and install a new camera and alarm system to replace your old security system.

5. Neglect Repair and Maintenance

It is essential not to delay the repair and maintenance required to make your building’s entrance points more secure.

Criminals can gain access to windows and doors that are old or damaged easily. Criminals can gain access to your facility by accessing damaged or missing structural materials.

6. Unverified Home Improvement Contractors

To ensure they are legitimate, the people you hire to fix or upgrade your business’s property should have valid credentials and references.

You could employ unreliable contractors to save money. However, this will not help you to protect your business or home. It will also expose you to criminals who can pose a threat to your safety and that of others.

7. Deliveries While You’re Away

This is especially true for homeowners who have犀利士
been away from their homes for a long time and forget to stop deliveries until they return. Criminals won’t notice packages piling up at your front door if you temporarily stop deliveries.

8. Unlocked Upstairs Windows

If an intruder is determined to enter a building, they may attempt to get through upstairs windows without locks.

These windows can be accessed by criminals who climb trees, playground equipment, or other high objects located next to the building. To keep your building secure, all windows must have locks that are not easy to break.

Even if your business or home is secure, it’s a good idea to check your premises for security issues that you may not have noticed.

A List Security can help you with mobile security services in Calgary to enjoy the peace of mind and security that only the best security services can offer.

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