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Things to Consider While Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

Virtual Event Platform

The world was introduced to the technology of hosting events virtually two years ago, and in no time, they took over the age-long method of hosting events. But, virtual events and virtual event platforms have become a thing now. As we all know, virtual event platforms are simply the platforms that allow the organizers to host virtual events. 

However, now that virtual events and virtual event platforms are so popular, this popularity gets in the way of the event organizers, and they find it challenging to select a particular virtual event platform. It is more challenging for beginners as they have no clear idea of the features they should look for in a virtual event platform. 

This blog is an answer to all those questions that the event organizers have in their minds when they start their hunt for a customizable virtual event platform. Here, we will talk about the features that one should consider when they are selecting a virtual platform. Have a Look: 

Presentation Capabilities: 

The first thing you would want to look for in a virtual event platform is its presentation capabilities. You’d want to see what kind of event setup the platform would be able to pull off. For that, you need to have clarity about what you want to achieve with the event. Not only this, as an organizer, you also need to ensure that before you start looking for a platform, you are done with the majority of the online event planning. It will make things easier for you, as when you look for a platform, you would want to ask if the virtual event platform can let you host multiple sessions simultaneously or not. Other than that, you would want to make a choice keeping your convenience and event demands in mind. 

Networking Opportunities: 

It wasn’t long ago when people finally agreed that virtual events are as efficient as in-person events in terms of networking. Networking has always been the most prominent reason people attended networking, and earlier there was a prevalent myth that virtual events don’t provide enough networking opportunities to the attendees. However, virtual platforms with advanced networking opportunities proved them wrong. Since the significance of events lies in networking, we are sure you would want to provide enough efficient networking opportunities to the attendees. Hence, make sure the platform comes with networking tools such as live chat, group chat, networking tables, etc. These tools will allow the attendees to interact with each other and expand their networks. 


Everything has its own advantages and flaws; likewise, advanced technology has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Where this technology allows us to connect with each other so effortlessly, it is why online threats and security breaches have become more than common. There are several virtual event platforms that do not come with a safe and sound interface that gives maximum protection to your virtual event and all the confidential data. All these security breaches, hacking, and data leakage have become major concerns. It is the reason many organizers find it difficult to trust any platform. To ensure your event doesn’t get into the hold of these threats, look for a platform with an encrypted interface. Invest in a platform that ensures you the utmost security of your virtual event. 

Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Sponsorship has always been the most preferred way of getting maximum ROI; it eliminates the chances of facing losses. Again, there are several brands that don’t prefer investing in a virtual event. It is due to the fact that they think virtual event platforms don’t provide them with enough branding opportunities. However, it is not true. There are expert 3D virtual event platforms that provide enough branding opportunities to the sponsoring brands, adding value to their name. If you want to attract prominent brands to your virtual event, invest in a platform that comes with enough opportunities.

Real-Time Data Collection: 

Virtual events will always have the upper hand when it comes to a few factors. One of those factors is collecting real-time data during the event. This data helps the organizers get a detailed insight into the audience’s activities during the virtual event. Not only this, it enables them to analyze their strategies and measure the success of their event. Now that virtual events give you the opportunity to collect all the data, would you want to miss out on it? We don’t think so. Hence, when you are planning to select a virtual event platform for your online event, make sure you pick the one that comes with detailed real-time analytics. 


Your virtual event is the representation of your brand; you wouldn’t want to overlook it. Make sure when you look for a virtual event platform, you don’t compromise with your brand’s reputation. Hence, we suggest you pick a Customizable virtual event platform that comes with efficient branding capabilities. These features will allow you to plan and host your virtual event keeping your brand’s reputation and demands in mind.  

Given the plethora of choices of virtual event platforms that we have, it isn’t easy to pick one option. However, our intent behind curating this guide was to make the process easier for you; We hope you find it helpful. 

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