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The Year 2022’s Most Popular Album Cover

The Year 2022's Most Popular Album Cover

Design Bundles

Design Bundles’ research team studied Google data to determine the global search volume for the cover art of every number one album released in 2022 to determine which album cover was the most popular.

After obtaining 27,600 searches worldwide in 2022, Kanye West’s album cover for Donda placed first. Donda is West’s ninth studio album, and it has 27 tracks. It was released in August 2022. The album’s title is derived from his mother’s first name, Donda. Who died in the early stages of West’s spectacular climb to fame. Donda is the album’s 15th song and serves as the title track.

Because no album artwork was available on streaming platforms at release, searches are likely to be quite high. Kanye West had also shared several cover art choices on his social media accounts before the album’s release, which no doubt piqued the interest of his followers. However, the record cover ended up being a simple black square.

Rodrigo wears many stickers

In 2022, Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album cover had 22,800 searches, earning the young star’s debut album the year’s second most popular cover art. Rodrigo wears many stickers on her face in front of a purple backdrop on the cover of Sour, which was released in May of 2022.

Rodrigo’s music went popular on TikTok with the hit song ‘Driver’s License. Which was released at the beginning of 2022. Even though she was already well-known for her acting. The song catapulted her to popularity, and Sour became a critical and financial triumph, charting at number one in numerous countries.

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Evermore, the eighth studio album by folk-pop sensation Taylor Swift, is in the third position with 9,600 searches in 2022. The cover image portrays the back of Swift’s head with her hair in plaits. Standing amid an autumnal woodland backdrop, and it was released in December 2022 to tremendous acclaim.

The album cover has drawn a lot of attention, with many critics pointing out that Swift is outside of the trees, but she was inside the woods on the cover of her last album, Folklore. Her 31 braids serve as a subtle nod to her 31st birthday, which occurred days after the album’s release. Despite the album’s popularity and Swift’s continuous success, she shows no signs of slowing down, releasing re-recorded (‘Taylor’s Versions’) versions of ‘Fearless’ in April and ‘Red’ in November.

Billie Eilish

Happier Than Ever, Billie Eilish’s second album, is the fourth most-Googled album cover of 2022. A cover photo of Eilish with blonde hair gazing off into the horizon and hugging herself graces the critically acclaimed CD. For this image, Happier Than Ever received 4,800 Google searches.

Eilish rose to prominence in 2015 due to her smash single “Ocean Eyes.” She subsequently released her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, which earned her the Grammy for ‘Album of the Year, making her the youngest person to do so.

Michael Bublé’s Christmas


With 1,800 searches, Michael Bublé’s Christmas albums cover was the seventh most-searched of 2022. He walks down a street in light snow with a gift hidden behind his back.

The album was published ten years ago to critical and commercial success by the well-known jazz and soul vocalist, who is known for his Christmas versions. People are still searching for Buble’s name to learn more about the album art a decade later, which is a testament to his and his record’s success.

A British rapper

Slowthai, a British rapper, placed in sixth place with his album cover for TYRON. Slowthai is depicted sitting beneath a hilltop tree on the cover of his second album. Which had 1,080 searches in 2022. And quickly became the best-selling record in the United Kingdom.

Slowthai has garnered headlines for both his musical output. And his onstage and offstage antics and has never shied away from controversy. Regardless of his problems, the British rapper is steadily gaining global recognition, as indicated by his high ranking on our list.

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice, an indie rock band, is in the seventh position with their album cover for Blue Weekend. Which received 360 searches over the year. The four-piece sits at a bus stop lighted by fluorescent lighting on the front cover of their third album. Several critics acclaimed blue Weekend as their best effort to date.

Wolf Alice has become one of the most recognised alternative indie artists of the decade since starting in 2010 at a pub open mic night. They’ve won Mercury prizes, Grammy nominations, and many other awards for their work. think and explore

An American megastar

The Killers, an American megastar, finish eighth on the list with their album Pressure Machine in 2022. On their seventh studio. Three Biblical crosses are depicted on a hillside behind a barbed-wire fence. There were a total of 240 album cover searches in 2022.

Since their inception in 2001, The Killers have topped the charts and sold-out stadiums. In 2017, Pressure Machine was their first album with their entire original lineup. 

“It’s been fascinating to see which album cover has been the most popular this year,” a spokeswoman stated of their findings. All album covers are a part of the artist’s biography and can aid in the audience’s understanding of their personality. And the album’s theme that the artist desires to convey to the world.”

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