The perfection of Louis Vuitton replica’s advanced watchmaking technology

Replica watches: Louis Vuitton replica joined the boutique watch industry for an unexpectedly short time. It was not until 2002 that the first watch series Tambour (meaning “another tambour” in French) was released. Its drum-shaped case design is popular with consumers, coupled with a chocolate or black dial design, as well as the classic Monogram pattern, with a yellow second hand inspired by the beeswax-coated linen thread used in fur products. The insertion of various exclusive elements and brand DNA makes the Louis Vuitton watch series like an extension of its classic leather products. And the strong brand characteristics make consumers who are already crazy about the Louis Vuitton trend irresistible.

In 2004, Louis Vuitton established a watch studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss watchmaking mountain town. After establishing a trend that would continue to develop in the professional watchmaking field in the future. According to the management of the Louis Vuitton LV official website, the significance of this move is to “completely control the quality of Louis Vuitton replica watches and prepare for the development of Louis Vuitton watches with more functions in the future.” best replica watches

With unparalleled power, LV seems to cast a mysterious veil on time. This is the first time that Louis Vuitton, a luxury manufacturer that started with luggage. Has independently designed, produced and assembled a watch in its own watchmaking factory in Switzerland. surface.

After accumulating years of assembly and processing experience, Louis Vuitton finally released the firstLouis Vuitton replica watches completely self-developed self-made movement watch “Tambour Mystérieuse” mysterious mechanical watch! Since its entry into the watch market in 2002, Louis Vuitton has continuously demonstrated its professional watchmaking determination. Not only has it been ingenious in appearance design, but its movement research and development has also become increasingly sophisticated.

Following the LV277 chronograph, in 2009 Louis Vuitton launched the stunning Tambour Mystérieuse mysterious mechanical watch. Priced at 200,000 euros, only by order, reproducing a luxury classic. Inspired by the 19th century magician Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin’s “mysterious clock”, this watch hides the movement in the base. The hands seem to float in the air, and you can’t see the mechanism from any angle. Operation, this technology of connecting the movement with a crystal splint and turning the hands by the splint is still amazing to this day.

The “LV109” movement is base on the retention and development of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and technology based on Louis Vuitton. This technical masterpiece is that LV combines 109 parts together, and each part is carefully crafte by the watchmaker. Its most special feature is its exceptional power reserve: eight days and eight hours, which is undoubtedly a lucky number, an excellent proof of its superb watchmaking skills, and a technological breakthrough.

There are two options: the first is designe with minimalist lines to showcase the delicate craftsmanship; the second is designe for women, focusing on the charm of jewelry art. While such a drawing can project an exterior silhouette. Only the owner of the Tambour Mystérieuse truly grasps the watch’s personality.

To ensure that each Tambour is unique in the world, Louis Vuitton offers each customer a special service of free choice of configuration.
LV replica watchesGold, white gold, rose gold or platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, even diamond-cut, brilliant-cut or baguette-cut… Everyone can choose according to their preferences, and of course there are also straps With so many leathers to choose from. A Tambour Mystérieuse watch can have so much variability.

In particular, in order to highlight the uniqueness of the customer, the sapphire of the watch can be inlaid with the customer’s initials. It has gone far beyond a mere accessory. Tambour Mystérieuse is an ultimate lifestyle.

Finally, to pay homage to this extraordinary watchmaking technology. Louis Vuitton has magically conjured an exclusive watch case. A real case specially prepared for the Tambour Mystérieuse at the historic Louis Vuitton Asnières workshop.

A lot of work has gone into the watch box, respecting all traditional practices. And every standard means the long-term success of the brand. The whole case is like a treasure chest, guests can freely choose the outer leather pattern and color, as well as the inner lining. Even including the legendary LV lock, LV also provides the same lock as. The leather case for the watch, which is convenient for guests to use the keys. The owner can open all luggage, including this case.

The constant pursuit of excellence has won the admiration of many top watch brands for Louis Vuitton. Only a few elites – watch connoisseurs and collectors of luxury watches – have the privilege of seeing the amazing masterpiece Tambour Mystérieuse in its true form.

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