How to Buy and Sell Custom Embroidery Patches?


Maybe you love the freedom to customize your bags, denim jackets, and accessories with embroidery patches and want to give your customers the same freedom…

Or you have amazing design ideas and want to make a way to share them with the world. Because they are more memorable and lasting than posters or prints, if so, selling custom patches might make sense for you! There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your creative vision come to life—watching your customers represent your creations.

But is selling embroidery digitizing patches a good business decision? Can you really make money selling patches? Do they really have a market? Like any business decision, you have pros and cons to selling custom patches. But custom patches can be a hot commodity if you have the right vision and a solid marketing strategy.

Buy or sell these patches.

Some clothing manufacturers rely heavily on these decorative patches to create stylish and attractive garments. Before buying or selling these patches, there are some basic things that buyers or sellers should know. This article provides all the necessary information for buyers and sellers.

How can I choose a beautiful embroidery patch?

Here are some easy ways to choose the best decorative patches for your clothing design.

Visit Local Market Suppliers

Each city has one or more suppliers with all the embroidery patches needed to make your clothes look stylish. These providers offer what you need on monthly or weekly orders. Order fewer patches first to get an idea of ​​the quality. If you find the quality up to your standards, order more and sign a monthly order contract. Here’s how to easily buy the best patches. But keep this in mind, due to low competition, they may sell you patches at a higher cost.

Search Online

Now you can have everything at your doorstep with just one click. Searching online will help you find an exclusive collection of embroidery patches that you can also customize to apply to any outfit. The actual online platform also offers high-quality digital embroidery services at more affordable prices.

Keeping up with trends


Keeping up with trends means keeping up with new fashion trends. If you do not know enough about the latest fashion trends, you will choose patches that no longer correspond to the latest fashion trends. Before choosing a patch for your fabric design, do some research on current trends.

How do you sell your decorative patches?

Embroidery patches are no longer hard to sell. There are some basic concepts to keep in mind when selling, such as marketing your business online. You can create a website to sell your patches. It’s a great way to reach millions of customers at once.

 Improve patch quality.


When you provide high-quality patches, people will choose your patches automatically. Follow the current trends. In fashion, people always follow trends. It also creates another whole gallery of old patches, including quotes that have never been fed.

Some Useful Features Of Embroidery Patches


Easy to sell multiple


If your customer wants to decorate a tote bag or a denim jacket…one piece probably won’t be enough. Patches are great for encouraging multiple purchases. Sell ​​your patches in bundles, gifts, or simply share multiple patch images for one-time use.

The Endless Ways to Use

Vending packages allow your customers to customize what they want and how they want it. These patches look great on plain shirts, luggage, denim jackets, handbags, hats, and more.

Fully customizable.

When buying in bulk, you are limited to products already created by the manufacturer. When you create custom products, you are free to design anything you can imagine. Selling custom patches allows you (and your customers) to ensure that your product is unique and only available in your store.

For custom patches, you have many options, from the materials you use to the type of patch you choose. Here’s a comparison of the seven main patch types.

Can it help increase brand awareness?

You know your logo is good when your customers want to represent it! Build community awareness and increase your brand awareness with logo patches. You can sell them with your other patches or drop them with certain orders. (It’s still ad-free, after all!)


Top online websites to source custom embroidery patches



MigDigitizing has been a custom product manufacturing platform in the market for 12 years, offering a wide range of custom products such as woven patches, PVC patches, logo digitizing, and many more. It comes in innovative designs that offer stylish, high-quality, and innovative patches. MigDigitizing makes customization easy by providing honest advice and support from design to delivery. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and backing options.

MigDigitizing produces the best custom patches at factory prices with short lead times. No matter what stains you want, they won’t fade, thanks to the premium materials and advanced technology they use. They really guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the design and the result. They also offer 24/7 customer support.


Embdigit is a professional manufacturer with ten years of experience in producing specially customized embroidery patches. In addition to offering custom patches, they also offer other specialty products such as embroidery digitizing, vector conversion, and more.

Embdigit allows you to design your own patch step by step. For example, on their website, you can choose the materials you want to use: polyester blend, twill, felt, ballistic black, nylon, camouflage, etc. It also offers free design services.


Embpunch is a custom digitized patch supplier that offers customers many types of custom patches. In addition, they also produce custom patches for mouse pads and other products. They always strive to provide customers with the highest quality custom patches at competitive prices. They unconditionally guarantee that their customers are fully satisfied with the patch design and final product before an order goes into production.

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