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The Cultural Significance Of Gold Diamond Bangles And Bracelets

The fascinating history behind bangles and bracelets.

Many archeologists have uncovered ancient jewelry pieces from around the world. Among these ruins, they have discovered crucial information on the cultural significance of jewelry among cultures worldwide. 

One of these discoveries includes the discovery of bangles and bracelets adorned by ancient tribes from India, Mohenjo Daro (Pakistan), Siberia, and much more. 

If you too, are fascinated by the mysterious historical and cultural significance of gold diamond bangles and bracelets, keep reading until the end of this blog!

gold diamond bangles

The Origin Of Gold Diamond Bangles And Bracelets

Many sources have claimed that bangles date back as early as 2600 BC. Not only that, but in 1973, a British archeologist uncovered a statue of a girl called the “Dancing Girl.” The figure is wearing no clothes, with one of its arms fully covered in bangles.

Apart from Mohenjo Daro, archeologists have also discovered bangle-like jewelry in other regions such as Siberian, Mayan, Roman, Mauryan, and Indian ruins.

Moreover, some of these ruins contained wrist jewelry older than 40,000 years! 

So now you must be thinking, jewelry is only a form of beautification. Then why would it hold any cultural significance other than that?

Well, let’s take a deeper look at it. –

What Do Gold Diamond Bangles And Bracelets Symbolize?

The significance and meaning behind jewelry and fashion change from region to region. 

For most of the population in India, bangles are an essential wedding piece of jewelry. Bangles symbolize prosperity, security, growth, and happiness in a marriage.

For many cultures, it is a mandate that married women wear bangles daily. This signifies their loyalty and respect toward their marriage.

Green and red are the most popular colored glass bangles for brides worldwide. Both of these signify prosperity and good omens.

For instance, in India, the in-laws send a set of bangles (choora) to the bride for her mother to adorn the bride’s wrists with the same a day before the marriage. 

This ritual symbolizes the beautiful beginning of a bride’s married life. Thus indicating the start of a healthy relationship among both families.

4 Gold Diamond Bangles And Bracelets you can wear daily

Our fast-paced life and strict dress codes make it hard for us to honor our family traditions. In light of this, many jewelry makers have created diamond bangle designs one can wear daily.

Take a look at these four brilliant designs by Ounce of Salt Jewelry. –

Half Eternity Diamond Bangle:

Something annoying about gold diamond bangles is that most bangles you find on the market keep pulling threads off your clothes. Additionally,  bangles often have sharp edges that keep digging into your wrist.

Don’t you worry your pretty self over the hassle. This Half Eternity Diamond Bangle has your back! This piece is for you if you love your bangles to fit securely at your wrist without hurting your skin.

This half-eternity diamond bangle features a natural round-cut diamond, sitting in a cozy blanket of smooth yellow gold with rounded edges. The bangle has a soft and discrete push clasp, giving it a seamless look. 

Lastly, This beauty will pair up with any pair of jeans or cocktail dress you own to bedazzle your evenings with its never-fading shine.

Dainty Diamond Bracelet: 

Check out this dainty diamond bracelet by Ounce of Salt jewelry–The perfect companion for someone like you who loves to bring flexibility to her jewelry collection!

The bracelet features round-cut natural diamonds, a link chain for the other half, and a sturdy interlocking clasp.

Furthermore, this is the right pick if you love bracelets over bangles. It’s chic and modern look will enhance the beauty of your hand… and make your eyes sparkle each time you hear its sweet clinking.

Besides, the link chain has a dangling thread-like drop attached to it, featuring a cute little heart for a beautiful woman like you.

Tapered Diamond Bangle:

This tapered diamond bangle is perfect for girls who love their unique jewelry pieces. The tapered finish adds a distinctive edge to the design, while the round-cut studded diamonds add elegance to this piece.

Moreover, you can rock this bangle all by itself or layer it with other bracelets to give it a more traditional look. No matter which way you go, this bangle will stand out from your other jewels.

The soft, discrete hinge clasp gives it a seamless look while keeping it wrapped around your wrist securely.

Wrapping Up:

Lastly, we have gone through what bangles and bracelets mean in certain religions. Now tell us more about what they mean in your culture as well!

So, what are your thoughts on these? Which one of these pieces are you eyeing this festive season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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