The Common Mistakes During a Cloud Migration Project

Mistakes can negatively impact your digital transformation. With the popularity of cloud computing, many ways of losing also have come up due to errors.

Even though mistakes can be costly, you can avoid them if you plan correctly. But, first, let us discover the top errors you may make during a cloud migration:

Without a Cloud Strategy

A well-defined cloud strategy is essential to achieving a successful Azure cloud migration. There are many things to consider in a complete cloud strategy, such as sources of funds, training, and resolving business problems apart from implementing the technology. 

You need to define a detailed migration plan that utilizes most of your resources and has the least interruptions in the cloud strategy. 

When you create a cloud strategy, you should keep in mind your infrastructure constraints. And your plan can be a large-scale detailed plan or composed of smaller segments that could be completed in stages within a scheduled time frame. 

Therefore, you should not fail to construct a well-defined cloud strategy and migration plan to guide you through the process.

Implementing the Wrong Cloud Architecture

Remember, architecture is vital for any cloud migration. Therefore, you must assess the type of cloud architecture that will fit in the best. You can choose from IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS.

Regardless of the type of architecture you choose, each type of cloud architecture will call for different types of internal from your company or managed cloud service provider

The right cloud architecture will ensure that your cloud migration will meet with success. Typically, it includes variables such as available technology, management tools, security, and compliance certifications.

In addition, the right cloud architecture will also include pricing and billing methods, which are essential for the overall cloud migration success. 

Therefore, you should take into account your business needs–current and future ones–before formulating your cloud migration plan.

You can consult a trusted Microsoft Azure cloud service provider to help you with a well-crafted migration plan. 

Implementing the Wrong Applications


Even though cloud migration can entail multiple benefits apart from being the most dependable solution for your business growth, the cloud may not be perfect for every application. 

You might encounter issues with legacy apps, which often pose design and support issues, rendering them unsuitable for cloud migration

Such types of apps can run on outdated versions of software. So, the apps are not supported in the cloud migration. 

Again, you can encounter the same issue with your business’s custom-built software. The Common Mistakes During a Cloud 

So, you should check the compatibility of your apps with the cloud before migrating to the cloud.

Keeping Current Applications the Same

If you migrate your existing applications without the essential optimization, it might play a spoilsport. However, migrating the applications can be a faster option, but that can eventually prove to be a costly affair. 

You need to pay per usage in the cloud. And that means applications not optimized for the cloud will use more resources. So, you need to pay more for running such applications in the cloud. 

The same issue can impact the data stored by the application while migrating to the cloud. For example, it might happen that you have stored a lot of unnecessary data by maintaining multiple copies of databases or non-relational data. In addition, you might have inconsistent data models across applications.

Therefore, you need to spend more money due to the high costs of storing unnecessary data in the cloud.


You are likely to commit mistakes while implementing your cloud migration strategy. And the mistakes can prove to be costly. Therefore, you should ensure that you avoid making those mistakes. 

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