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the band faction is a  stress-free hobby is band partying.


a group of people who are connected, taking the band party, or acting together, or rarely, animals or things; Assemblage, group, or troop:


  1. Function & Party Band
  2. Cover Band
  3. Blues Band
  4. Acoustic Band
  5. Jazz Band
  6. Rat Pack Show
  7. Rock Band

1.Function & Party Band

Function and party bands have to be the best live music entertainment! They can be used for any occasion, including weddings, bar reservations, and festivals, and are highly versatile. You can search for and contact a local party band using our directory. Fill out our request form and we’ll hunt for what you’re looking for if you can’t find it locally.


2.Cover Band

This is the band to choose if you want songs that everyone will recognise and be able to sing along to! Plan a memorable pub or bar event night, hire a cover band for a wedding or Christmas party, or make a special birthday absolutely unforgettable.

3.Blues Band

When you hire a blues band, whether it’s a two-piece or ten-piece, they’ll play amazing renditions of blues songs by musicians like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Howling’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ray Charles, Bo Dudley, The Rolling Stones, and more.

4.Acoustic Band

Searching for something more straightforward and sincere? If so, an acoustic band would be the best choice for your live legacy gathering. When you search our database for an acoustic band to hire, there are many various line-ups available, ranging from a singer and an acoustic guitarist to a singer and bassist or more, along with an acoustic guitarist.

5.Jazz Band

Looking for something more real and direct? The ideal band for your event would then be an acoustic one. There are many different line-ups available when you search our database for an acoustic band to hire, ranging from a singer anda bassist or more, along with an acoustic guitarist..

6.Rat Pack Show

You won’t regret making a Rat Pack tribute act investment! Along with singing outstanding renditions of all the biggest Rat Pack-era songs, they will look the part, act the part, and remain in character throughout the whole event as the Rat Pack members.

  1. Rock Band

The variety of rock music makes for a fantastic live legacy band. Today, while hiring a rock band, you can select from genres like Pop Rock, Heavy Rock, Grunge, Indie, Alternative or Acoustic Rock, Glam Rock, and Brit-pop.

8. Country & Western Band

Consider Tammy Wynette, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Ken Rogers, Dolly Parton, etc. There are some truly timeless, sing-along tunes in country. Additionally, it’s a wonderful justification for some line dancing and barn dance attire. If you want something unique with a lot of passion, choose a country & western band..


9. Reggae Band

A live reggae band live will perform reggae songs like “Police and Thieves,” “Get Up, Stand Up,” “Dreadlock Holiday,” “Stir It Up,” “Uptown Top Ranking,” “Kingston Town,” and “Red Red Wineand will provide the positive and carefree attitudes that are characteristic of reggae music. For an outdoor summer event, hire a reggae band, or bring the outdoors inside for a wedding or birthday party.

10. Barn Dance or Ceilidh Band

Hire a Ceilidh or Barn Dance band if you want some traditional music that is both high-energy and truly authentic-sounding. A ceilidh band, which combines Scottish, Irish, and English folk music, often consists of two to three persons and includes a fiddler, an accordionist, and a “caller” to keep everyone moving and teach them the dances. They occasionally also have drummers, keyboards, whistles, and guitars.


11. Soul, R&B and Motown Band

You really can’t top a Soul & Motown band when it comes to happy smiles and crowd-pleasing. Who doesn’t adore pretty much all of the music released by the Motown label? Every single song by Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5, The Supremes, or Marvin Gaye is a hit that everyone is familiar with, adores, and wants to dance to. Find a local Motown, R&B, or soul band.

12. String Quartet

A string quartet might provide the ideal musical backdrop for your wedding, party, or corporate event if you’re searching for something more upscale, tranquil, and understated. You can also hire one of our electric string quartets for a fantastic performance if you’re looking for something traditional yet a little unusual.


13. Tribute Band

Tribute bands provide nostalgia and fun on a grand scale for important events like important birthdays, proms, weddings, and weddings. Our tribute bands perform music from the 1950s and onward, including hits by The Beatles, Abba, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, and Rat Pack. Simply complete our request form if you are unable to locate the ideal tribute band nearby..

14. Big Band or Orchestra

If you’re looking for WOW, this is it. You can be sure that if you engage a Big Band or Orchestra for your upcoming event, it will add a touch of refinement and make a significant effect. Perfect for larger gatherings like corporate parties and major weddings.

15. Swing Band

Finally, why not engage a swing band? There is something for everyone in these ensembles, which recreate the spirit of the 1940s and 1950s while also offering unique renditions of modern tunes.

On addition to finding plenty more entertainment ideas in our blog to help you plan your upcoming wedding, party, or event, we hope our list of the Best Band Types has helped you locate the ideal band for your occasion. Or why not check at our 50 suggestions for musical entertainment.

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