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Specific Ear Wax Treatment for Best Recovery

How do you know when you lack enough ear wax? That’s when you start feeling itchy and probably uncomfortable. However, when too much of it may cause earaches, leading to infections or other problems. While you may want to get rid of that wax in your ears, did you know it’s helpful if it’s in the right amount?

Waxworks is a natural cleanser as it collects dead skin cells and dirt from inside the ear canal. But did you need an ear wax treatment when you feel blocked? If it’s not severe, all you need to use is a few drops of water, which should remove the blockage. 

Earwax Removal Tips

How do you tackle an earwax issue? Do you do it yourself, or would you rather have it handled by an expert? 

Earwax Removal

One of the most common procedures used to remove an ear blockage in American primary care centers is earwax removal. A health caregiver addresses this problem in almost a similar way that you might use. However, he uses some expertise and better tools to remove the earwax mechanically. For example, they may use spoon-like curettes that perfectly fit the ear canal. 

But if you want to do it yourself, you can go for it. But please don’t use a cotton swab, a mistake that most people make. Doing this pushes the earwax inside the ear. 

Soaked-Cotton Balls

However, you can use a cotton ball soaked in drops of water or use a solution of saline or hydrogen peroxide. Then you ensure to tilt your head as the ear opening points upwards. You’ll be in this position for a minute so the gravity can pull the fluid downwards through the wax. And you can also tilt the head while you’re at it, so the fluid and the wax can quickly drain out. 

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a technique that most people use. So, you place a lighted, cone-shaped candle into the ear, which is hollow, and when you remove the earwax. And the theory used here is the heat creates a vacuum seal while the earwax adheres to the candle.

But if you have an earwax blockage, ear candling is not an ideal treatment. This procedure may result in further injuries, such as ear canal obstructions, burns, and even perforations.

The typical occurrence of the earwax is in the outer third of the ear canal. So, when you experience the buildup against the eardrum, there is a failed wax removal. 

Best Ear Wax Treatments

Several over-the-counter ear wax treatments can get the job done. For example, you can use oil-based products that help to soften the earwax. Also, there are water-based products that contain hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and acetic acid. But there is no proof of one working better than the other. 

But ear drops usually work independently or in plain water with a bulb syringe. But if you have a damaged eardrum, then a bulb syringe is not an ideal treatment method. When water gets into the middle ear, it may lead to a severe ear infection. 

Your physician might recommend a wax-removal medication when you experience a recurring earwax buildup problem. These include carbamide peroxide- Murine Ear Wax Removal System and Debrox Earwax Removal Kit. Only use them as directed by your medical provider, as these drops can irritate the skin of the eardrum and ear canal. 

In Conclusion

These are the best options for earwax removals. But remember not to try to dig out earwax using cotton swabs or other objects such as hairpins. It could seem like a good idea, but it can push the wax deeper into the ear. So, this may lead to severe injury to the eardrum or ear canal. If you’re not confident about doing the home remedies, go to your primary caregiver, and he will advise you accordingly. 

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