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Should you write articles on LinkedIn in 2022? Advantages and Disadvantages of LinkedIn Article

Article writing on the internet is a crucial thing for businesses nowadays. We call it blogging. Whenever you search for a query, you see a list of links that includes blog posts as well. For example, if you search for the ten ways to lose weight fast, you see a list of blog posts. Some websites are solely blog websites. Blog owners post articles daily and make their living through it or use it for passive income. However, business and e-commerce websites have blogs too. They also publish content regularly to drive traffic on their websites alongside helping people with their issues.

Moreover, we have a LinkedIn blogging option too. We use a LinkedIn website for job-related stuff. Whether we want to find a job, hire a person, or only make our professional profile, we use LinkedIn.

This blog post will discuss if writing articles on LinkedIn in 2022 are worth it or not. We will also compare blogging on a website with blogging on LinkedIn. However, if you want LinkedIn articles for your company page, you can contact any affordable LinkedIn Article Writing company.

2 Types of Written Content on LinkedIn

We write two types of content on LinkedIn. The first type is similar to the short posts on social media platforms. The second type LinkedIn provides is the option to write long-form web content. If you search queries related to business or technology, you might see a LinkedIn article in the results. They are the long-form content of LinkedIn.

Good Side of Writing Articles on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn Articles Rank High

LinkedIn articles rank high in search engines. Many people wouldn’t have been writing them if they were of no use. Search engines want long-form quality content to crawl and index in search results. According to a blogger, a good search engine optimized LinkedIn article appears on the 1-2 results page even after two years to the date he wrote it. It’s because the big websites have good domain authority. Many people say that LinkedIn articles get fewer views as compared to LinkedIn posts. However, you can use it along with your blog for guest posting purposes since LinkedIn has a good DA.

Disadvantages of Writing LinkedIn Articles

  • You can’t use LinkedIn for Blogging

However, you can write articles on LinkedIn and make them appear in top search engine results, but you can’t monetize them. LinkedIn currently doesn’t give you this feature. So, if you are a blogger, you cannot rely on LinkedIn to earn. However, you can use it as a side tool for guest posting and profile building.

  • You have to Buy Premium Membership

If a recruiter sees your work and wants to contact you, he would need a premium account to do that. LinkedIn has no free message option. However, it is not an absolute disadvantage. People who are hiring other people would definitely have a reasonable budget to buy a premium subscription. And they do too.

Experiment with Things

Newbies can try out several things. If you are a writer, you can write 2-3 blog posts on LinkedIn and include their short posts. However, make sure you have connections and followers. This will help you get better job opportunities as well. Recruiters can directly see your work on LinkedIn. It’s better to write more articles on LinkedIn as more articles create a better impression on recruiters. But ensure you have written them and not manipulating or deceiving anyone. Otherwise, it will ruin your reputation in the job market. However, we don’t suggest relying only on it. It might work for you or might not. It would help you if you also made your website to show your portfolio.

What Kind of Blog Posts Should You Write on LinkedIn?

It’s not necessary to write blog posts only related to your field’s topics. You can also write about your personal experiences or anything you want. However, it should be related to professional life as LinkedIn is for that. It would be best to write articles on LinkedIn in the same way we write for other blog websites. It means we need to consider keywords usage and everything related to search engine optimization. Since you want your articles to appear in the search results, you can write articles on your main blog. Then write related articles on LinkedIn and include the hyperlink of your website’s blog post in the LinkedIn articles.

Subjective Aspect

It depends on the person if he enjoys posting content on a platform. Some people like one platform more than any other. At times, it makes little sense to others. Similarly, there might be people who love the LinkedIn platform. They post both long-form articles on it as well as short posts. Some people have built a family on LinkedIn who show a response to their posts. They also have increased followers and audience. He can use LinkedIn to voice his thoughts related to businesses and job-related stuff.

While your LinkedIn articles might appear in search engine results, they do not randomly appear in the LinkedIn feed itself. According to a LinkedIn expert website, you need to add additional posts providing a link to your article on LinkedIn.

Avoid Doing These Things

  • Posting Personal Life on LinkedIn

People use LinkedIn to represent themselves professionally. Therefore, don’t post stuff or write articles about your personal life or related things. Keep it only for professional work. If recruiters saw a mess of posts on your profile, they would not consider hiring you since you would not seem professional. You can use other social media platforms for other stuff you want to post.

  • Low-Quality Content

Don’t be the person who always keeps posting stuff on LinkedIn and comments on other people’s posts with no purpose. It looks highly unprofessional. Make sure you have your job and field-related content posted on your profile. And it should be quality content as well.

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