Dale Casler (2016) articulated some steps that California has decided to take to address the water scarcity problem in California in his paper. California authorities documented they had a water crisis. And took steps to address severe water shortages.    

California’s heavy use of water for agriculture, shared with the lack of rainwater reaching the groundwater table, has led to a situation that is already frightening. And it is getting worse by the day. Desalinization and shifting farm priorities are apparently on the horizon, California’s water resources and state are in poor shape at present, and there seems little immediate view for this changing.    

If California’s long-term strategies are adopted, California would not be facing serious water shortages going forward. This thesis has shown that adopted strategy are just short-term strategies, which would not address water shortages the state would experience in the future. The solutions future in this paper are workable. They would address the current problems of water shortage facing California for a longer time.    

California could take advantage of those advances and generate tremendous amounts of water. Which would add to the states water supply. The increased supply will be needed to meet the future demands placed on California’s water capital as its population increases. Our State has failed to prepare and properly equip. The State with a performance water system capable of rising along with our population.    


Our states reservoir canals systems were designed to ensure reliable water materials to California homes, businesses. Farms during three to four years of drought. At one point in our state’s history, California’s water systems were cutting-edge, admired worldwide. Some  major issues leading up to a water crisis will be the winter heat. Agriculture in California, the budget  for fixing this issue. And the impact on the daily lives of the people.    

Because snow pack has been lower in winters over the past few years. California has tried to make up for those deficits by drilling for water from subversive aquifers. California has already made considerable cuts in an effort to restrict how much water California uses, in order for those aquifers to be replenished. To prepare for failing supplies. California’s Department of Water Resources reduced farmers. And ranchers to 5% of expected water allotments in March.   


With California’s population at almost over 38 million, imagine the savings that would happen annually. If the Californians had water use regulation for their lawns. The people  California must make it their duty to help stem the ongoing drought.  One of the ways they can do that is by cutting their water use even more. The beauty of this plan is it would cost the people no money. The people would save money , they would be using less water.

This is an important question, as the long-term possibility  the water in California is critical importance for anyone who works and lives there. Or who will in future years and generations. California’s hoping that the lessons learned from year’s drought can be apply.

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