Seven Top Challenges of Working in a Startup

It’s difficult to imagine working in a startup that doesn’t face challenges on a daily basis. As a result, as a budding entrepreneur, you must understand the challenges of a startup as well as solutions to overcome them in order to be better prepared.

Being in a startup may excite you because it is a startup where you can learn a lot while also having fun. However, not everything that appears to be true on the surface is always true. While you can’t deny that most startups taught you a lot about everything from starting from scratch to building an empire. Everything happens in front of you in a matter of years, and you end up being overjoyed with the success that you have achieved.

Similarly, every success story has a series of ups and downs that they must endure before reaching that point. Here are seven challenges that may come while working in a startup:
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Finding the Right Employee

The hiring process is the most common issue in startups. Hiring is the first step in constructing an empire, and selecting the right employee is a difficult task. Hiring your first employees can be difficult because many people consider startups to be risky. Furthermore, you are competing for the same talent as industry professionals. Startups can address these concerns by hiring persistent and action-oriented individuals. It is also beneficial to inform employees that they play an important role in the success of the company.

Cofounders – Office Conflict

This can be a significant challenge for a Working in a startup looking to expand. Things are often simple when working with co-founders for the first time. You gradually realise that you work differently and have a different perspective. Furthermore, conflicts are more likely to arise when you face failures and difficult situations. Communication can be used to effectively resolve disputes and conflicts. It is also necessary to delegate tasks and trust the other person to complete them. When in doubt, rely on statistics and data.

Hard Competition While Working in a Startup

It’s difficult to imagine a startup that doesn’t face challenges on a daily basis. As a result, as a budding entrepreneur, you must understand the challenges of a startup as well as solutions to overcome them in order to be better prepared.

Every industry is becoming more crowded, with many companies competing for a larger share of the market. As a result, you’ll almost always be up against a well-established company or a competitor backed by venture capital. In business, one small mistake can cost you a customer or a contract. In such cases, the best thing to do is to identify and emphasise your USP, or unique selling proposition.

Sales Pressure

Unfortunately, there is never enough revenue, clients, or deals to go around in sales. Employees who produce more have a better chance of being promoted and earning more. A motivated sales representative, for example, may generate more sales, resulting in higher commissions and bonuses, new territory opportunities, and a positive impact on company revenue.

Unstructural Environment

As a startup grows, a communication chasm between co-founders themselves and employees may form, causing significant harm. The environment may become unstructured. Startup founders may fail to communicate the company’s value and motivation to employees, resulting in low employee motivation and lower startup productivity. It is critical to understand your team. A startup requires a lot from everyone, and they won’t commit unless you help them.

Setting Infrastructures

A company’s infrastructure consists of all of the software, hardware, and network components required to run its operations. This includes all IT functions used for service delivery and internal administration. Having a good and competitive IT infrastructure can make expanding your business easier and less expensive. It can also help your company’s growing needs, such as storage space and processing power.

Market Volatility While Working in a Startup

The market today is changing at such a rapid and volatile pace that businesses of all sizes, particularly startups, are at risk of extinction unless they become more disruptive and innovative. In this volatile market, no startup can survive or grow unless it embraces change and employs the proper tactics. Moreover, employees are under pressure to learn quickly and experiment without having enough time to do so.

These are some of the most common issues that arise while working in a startup. However, with proper management, tactics, and unwavering determination, a startup can grow and succeed over time.


Bidyut Bikash Das works as a Technology Lead for the sustainable lifestyle brand, Dzukou ( which aims to replace plastics from products with alternate eco-materials. Dzukou also works with rural craftsmen in East India to tinker and experiment with them. The aim is to innovate new eco-materials for products and also help these craftsmen to reach western markets. Bidyut has completed his MBA & BTech in IT from Gauhati University, After working at Amul & Oyo, He has joined the Dzukou in May, 2022.

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