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SEO Consultant Is More Important Than Ranking

SEO Consultant Is More Important Than Ranking

SEO Consultant Is More Important Than Ranking

There Must Be More To Your SEO Advisor Than Standards

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that quality in Google and Yahoo is all that matters to the efficiency of a search engine. Potential customers come to me with one goal: “I’ve got a top ten on Google.” Some will also talk about MSN, and a few will pull the trigger on the list of search engines and want to rank well in the top 200 in them.

It is time to distinguish fact from fiction.

Yes, your SEO consultant can get the top ten rankings on Google. But…


If the placement is for “dirty brown shoes”, it probably won’t help your shoe store at all, even if I find you the first place to rate it. Few people search for that name.


Being the number ten may not be helpful, depending on the name. People who are looking for “Essential Nectar liquid” vitamins, will probably click on the first result they see, or at least one of the “over-wrinkle” effects that do not need to scroll. On the other hand, a person looking for “liquid vitamins” might check two results pages to familiarize himself with the options available.

-> If your title tag reads as a cheap search list, it will not attract you. For example, if it reads: “vitamins, liquid vitamins, high vitamins, high vitamins”, you may skip agreeing with the following effect “Liquid Vitamins From Liquid Vitamin Store”.

-> If the description of your tag is confusing, people will skip your list, even if it lists the first number, favoring the one that sounds like what they want. Google and others use a descriptive tag often when the search term is found in it, so be sure to include your keywords in the legible description.

I recently answered a forum question, which went like this: My site is ranked first in this name in this engine. This name is searched several times a day, and the engine has this percentage of market share. Can I expect so many guests?

That is not an SEO challenge; that is a mathematical problem: search x market share = visitors

Without the Control of Your SEO Advisor?

I answered with a few things that go beyond statistics in the SEO game, including the site title tag and description, as well as whether the name allows you to scroll. I also pointed out that it depends on the title tags and contest description tags, too.

Another thing that makes traffic prediction difficult is the issue of leaving out how many people do not click on results because they are distracted or confused, or abandon new searches because they find themselves out of topic or searching too broadly.

Depending on how many sponsored links there are and how they are tagged. Usually on Yahoo and Lycos, for example, there are so many ads that standard search may not even scratch the screen or two to see natural (natural) effects.

And, of course, it also depends on the color of the room the searcher clicks on, the weather outside, and how well they slept last night. But there is little you can do about it.

What you can do is work with your SEO consultant to choose the search terms that work best for your business and make sure you create a title tag and description for people and search engines. Then make sure he not only recognizes the quality of your important search terms, but also the definition used by each search engine.

A good rating on Google and Yahoo is one measure of the success of your SEO consultant. The perfect test is that you are a partner in building long-term targeted traffic.

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