Rummy or Call Break – Which Game Offers Good Cash Prizes?

Everyone likes to play games and with online gaming now available at their disposal, they can be played even when on the go.

People also look at online games as a means to unwind after a busy day or even as a pastime activity.

If you are into games, you can be assured of finding a large assortment of sources to match your interest.

Another reason to do it is that you can earn cash while playing your favorite games; some people even manage to make a living out of it.

Now, there are many games available, but card games are widely cherished thanks to their tactical nature.

Online Rummy

Online Rummy Game is one of the oldest card games and is played all around the world, by people of all age groups.

The rules of rummy are easy to understand and yet you can gain expertise only through constant practice.

Websites and apps offer free rooms for you to experiment with your knowledge of the game; before you play for cash, it is advisable that you try out free games.

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Rules of Online Rummy

Each player involved in the game plays for points and is dealt 13 cards each by the dealer.

From the deck of cards, a card is picked signaling the commencement of the game.

Your objective as one of the players is to make two sequences + 2 sets (one sequence must be pure), three sequences + 1 set, and all 4 sequences.

Make sure that you arrange the cards in an order so as to not cause any confusion midgame.

One of the cards is selected randomly as the Joker.

You have the option of picking the cards from either the down-faced deck or the open deck.

In order to win the round, you should have a valid declaration.

Online Call Break

Call break is another card game but is worlds apart in comparison to Rummy.

It is, however, equally strategic in nature, if not more, and tests the players in ways more than one.

Like Rummy, Call Break is suitable for people of all ages and is played by a maximum of 4 players at a given time.

One of the benefits of playing this game is there are multiple contests in which you can participate and win money easily.

The rules of Call Break make it exciting and by winning constantly, you can turn around your financial fortunes.

Rules of Call Break

Call Break is played with 13 cards each distributed among the players at the beginning of the game.

The objective is to score the most points in order to win.

One of the most important rules you should know is that the cards of the spade suit will defeat any card of the other suits.

Another rule you should be aware of is that players are required to place bids at the beginning of each game and it is around these bids where the game revolves.

If you bid 4, it is crucial that you win 4 hands. This will give you 4 points. If you score 5 hands, your points will read 4.1, meaning you get 0.1 points with each extra hand you win.

Conversely, if you manage to win only 3 hands, your score is -3.

There are 5 rounds to play in every game and at the end of all rounds, the points get calculated declaring the player with the most points as the winner.

Which Game is Better to Win Cash Prizes – Rummy or Call Break?

Though both, Rummy and Call Break, are interesting to play and have cash prizes associated with them, players often choose the former because of its worldwide popularity.

In comparison, Call Break real money is an up-and-coming card game that is sure to gain prominence over time.

Since both these games can be played by people of all ages, you can invite your friends and family for a friendly competition or even for a game involving money.


Today, games are easily accessible online and to earn money doing that is the cherry on top.

The popularity of card games, especially Rummy and Call Break, is expected to sustain in the gaming industry only to grow bigger eventually.

See to it that you find the right source and practice different strategies through free games.

Once you have the confidence to play for cash prizes, take the leap!

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