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How to Purchase a GPU.

Which Specifications Matter to buy GPU?

How to Purchase a GPU: Which Specifications Matter?

The quantity of graphics card memory

  • The quantity of graphics card memory is critical. For 1080p gaming, choose a card that has at least 6GB of RAM, ideally 8GB or more. If you play with all of the settings turned up or install high-resolution texture packs, you’ll need additional RAM. More than 8GB is great if you’re playing at very high resolutions, such as 4K.

Formal aspect

  • Formal aspect: This is crucial. You must ensure that your card has enough room in your case. Take note of the height, length, and thickness. Graphics cards can be half-height (slim), solitary, dual-slot, or triple-slot (or more). Most game cards would be full-height and will take up two or even more adapters, with current-generation cards being thicker. Even if a card theoretically only eats up two slots inside your case, it can obstruct a neighbouring slot if it has a large heatsink and fan shroud. If you have a Mini-ITX motherboard, seek for a mini’ card that is 8 inches (205mm) or less in length. However, other cards with this name are longer, so verify the specifications.


  • TDP: Significant. Thermal Design Power, or TDP, is a measure of heat dissipation that also gives an indication of the number of watts your card will require to function at factory settings. (Both AMD and Nvidia appear to be transitioning to TBP, or Typical Boards Power, which refers to the total power of the card.)That’s what many anticipate when it comes to graphical strength.) If you have a 400-watt power unit (PSU) with an upgraded 95-watt CPU and wish to add a gpu with a 5 kw TDP, you almost likely need to update the PSU. In general, a 600W power supply was enough for many previous-generation GPUs. However, if you want to overclock your RTX 3080/RX 6800 XT or higher, you should go with a higher-wattage power supply. With cards such as the RTX 3090 Ti on the market and rumors of next-generation 600W GPUs on the way, severe users will most likely require a 1200-1600W power supply.

Power Connectors

  • Power Connectors are critical. All professional gaming cards consume more power than the conventional maximum of 75W provided by the x16 PCIe slot. These cards necessitate the use of extra PCIe power connections, which are available in 6- and 8-pin configurations. Nvidia’s RTX 30-series cards have 12-pin connections, however they also come with 8-pin to 12-pin converters. Many cards have only one of these connections, while others have two or three, and 6- and are described as having ports that can coexist on the same card. If your power supply lacks the extra connections you require, you should consider upgrading—adapters that take power from a few SATA or Molex connections are not suggested as long-term solutions.


  • Ports are critical. Some displays support HDMI, while others support DisplayPort, while some older models only support DVI. A few displays also enable USB Type-C signal routing for DisplayPort signals, however they are currently uncommon. Check that the card you intend to purchase has the connections you require for the monitor(s), so that you don’t have to purchase an adapter—or maybe a new screen (unless you want to). Have an option but aren’t sure which port to use? For additional information, see our Hd vs. DisplayPort comparison.

Clock speed

  • Clock speed: This is significant.Some cards that share the same GPU (for example, an RTX 3060 Ti) will be factory overclocked to a slightly higher frequency, which can result in a 3-5 percent variation in frame rates. Memory speed, core counts, and architecture must all be considered in addition to clock speed. On cards that share the same GPU, better cooling frequently overcomes clock speed.

Cores CUDA / Stream Processors

  • Cores CUDA / Stream Processors: Somewhat essential, as clock speed only tells you a portion of what you have to know when attempting to identify a GPU’s approximate performance level. Considering core numbers within the same design is more informative than comparing core counts between designs.So comparing Nvidia Turing Execution units (or Streaming Multiprocessors) to Ampere isn’t as beneficial as just Ampere. Comparing Navi to Vega or Polaris Streams Processor (or Compute Units) is similarly ineffective for AMD. It is even less relevant to compare AMD and Nvidia designs only on core counts.


  • TFLOPS to GFLOPS: Important. The maximum theoretical capability of a GPU is indicated as TFLOPS, or billions of flying operations per second. (It is also known as GFLOPS or trillions of FLOPS.)The TFLOPS for a GPU is calculated by multiplying the core count by the clock speed of GHz by 2 (for FMA, or Merged Multiply Add instructions). When comparing architectures, TFLOPS often shows you how much quicker one processor is relative to another. It is less beneficial to compare architectures.

Memory speed and bandwidth

  • Memory speed and bandwidth are both significant. Better memory, like quicker clock speed, may make one card greater than another. Because of the improved memory bandwidth, the GTX 1650 GDDR6 is about 15% quicker than that of the GTX 1650 GDDR5. It’s worth noting that technologies like AMD’s Infinite Cache on RDNA 2 assist limit the amount of memory locations, so bandwidth isn’t the only thing to think about.

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