Olive Garden Specials’ Most Extensive Menu Update Ever

Olive garden specials

The most major menu update in the history of the famed Italian eatery olive garden specials was made this week. The updated menu adds over twenty new items, giving customers more choice, variety, and value. The new menu items are also made with fresh cooking methods that highlight fresh flavors.

The New Olive Garden Menu

The new olive garden specials menu is designed to accommodate the constantly changing tastes and preferences of patrons who eat at casual dining businesses. While also providing them with more options to personalize their lunch and dinner dining experiences.

Area “Cucina Mia”

Olive Garden Specials is now offering a new menu item that allows diners to create their own dish from a selection of six pastas and five sauces prepared from scratch for just $9.99 per day. One of the many standout features of the new dinner menu is this new “Cucina Mia” section.

Italy’s Small Plates Section

Eight small plate meals will be add to the Tastes of Italy olive garden specials menu. Customers who want to try a range of flavours will be able to order these dishes.

More nutritious Italian food

The greater variety of meals that have been add to the section of the olive garden specialties menu that has fewer than 575 calories will appeal to customers who are limiting their calorie consumption.

Special dishes

introducing fresh, innovative meals to the menu’s chicken and seafood sections. The preparation of these dinners on a modern Piastra flat-top grill will improve them by producing a more consistently cooked, tender, and juicy flavour.

Caprese and antipasti salads

Customers now have entirely new ways to enjoy one of the restaurant’s most well-known dishes by adding antipasti or caprese toppings to olive garden specials’ iconic trademark salad.

Features Of The New Lunch Menu

The Lunch Adventure Customers of the olive garden coupons for specials lunch have a busy schedule. The restaurant has enhanced service methods and added a new lunch menu. These modifications will increase the number of quick-to-prepare yet tasty lunch alternatives available to customers.

Combinations of the Tuscan Trio

By giving customers the choice to add an extra pasta side dish, a small plate, or a different salad topper. These olive garden specials combinations improve the standard meal of soup, salad, and breadsticks.

Combos of sandwiches and flatbread

By offering sandwich and flatbread combos with unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. You are giving visitors more options for food that can be held in one hand. Customers will still be able to order some of their all-time favourite Olive Garden meals despite this shift, like Fettuccine Alfredo and Lasagna Classico.

All dinners also include unlimited garlic bread sticks that are freshly bake every 15 minutes, your choice of homemade soup or an olive garden specialties salad, and other complimentary items. According to Jay Spenchian, senior vice president of marketing at Olive Garden. Our new menu is meant to give our guests an enhance experience by giving them new flavors, more variety, and everyday value.”

A New Menu for an Improved Experience

Our new olive garden specials menu is create to provide our customers with an improve experience by introducing them to new flavors, increasing diversity, and increasing overall value. We continue to serve only genuine, simple, and fresh Italian food. We are also coming up with new strategies to go above and beyond what our patrons expect.

New Menu Information

The price of the new Cucina Mia, commonly known as “My Kitchen,” is $9.99. Choose your chosen pasta kind from the list below: Bucatini, New Cavatappi, Whole Wheat Linguine, New Large Paccheri, New Tri-Colored Vegetable Penne, or New Gluten-Free Rotini.

You Choose the Sauce

The following sauces are available for you to choose from: New Primavera, New Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato. New Spicy Diavolo, Fresh Tomato Pomodoro, and New Creamy Garlic Asiago. You can add a topping for an extra cost; options include meatballs, sautéed shrimp, new chicken meatballs, new sausage meatballs, and meatballs.

Compact, new plates

Italian cheeses and olives are fold together and then lightly fried in the Parmesan Olive Fritta, a bite-sized dish.  Depending on your desire, comes with either a citrus aioli or a gorgonzola cream dipping sauce. Polenta Shrimp alla Greca is a dish that features sautéed shrimp over a creamy polenta base with a topping of fresh tomato sauce, capers, and olives.

Introducing Spicy Calabrian Wings, a New Starter

Spicy Calabrian Wings are chicken wings from the Italian region of Calabria that have been tosses with garlic and chilli peppers. They come with a dipping sauce made of gorgonzola. To increase the heat, stir in some of our renowned chilli paste prepared with Calabrian chillies. Only accessible for a short while.

Italian Food That Is More Creative And Healthy

Served grilled and weighing 6 ounces, center cut fillet mignon is a premium cut fillet that has been season with Italian herbs. served with sauté Italian vegetables and roast garlic. A specialty of Olive Garden, chicken abruzzi is grille chicken breast simmer in a savory broth with garden vegetables, cannellini beans, and kale.

Most recent and best Olive Garden treats

With a side of the dish’s namesake, pan-seared chicken breasts are top with crab meat, a lemon cream sauce, and lemon zest. Served with mashed potatoes flavoured with garlic and parmesan and steaming fresh spinach.


Olive Garden is the most prosperous restaurant chain in the Italian dining industry with more than 800 locations, over 96,000 employees, and more than $3.6 billion in annual revenues.

Darden Restaurants, Inc., which owns and runs more than 2,100 restaurants. Brings in more than $8.5 billion annually, includes Olive Garden as a segment. A division of Darden Restaurants, Inc. is Olive Garden. Individuals who care about and respond to other people are praise and rewarded in the culture at Darden.

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