Native or Non–Native English Speaker: Who Is a Better Private Online Language Tutors

Private Online Language Tutors

Many language learners express a preference for studying from native speaking tutors. One thing is for sure, both non-native and native speaking language tutors offer exceptional language learning experiences. The difference is created in our minds since only native speaking professionals have the best knowledge. 

The battle has raged across the internet on whether to study from someone whose first language is English? Or someone who has gone through the same process as you. With over a billion learners, English is the most learned language of all time.  

Since native speakers have a great pick over English, they are likely popular with English online language tutor platforms. With that, native speakers are likely to charge higher than non-native speakers. 

The Myths Related To Native Speakers

  • Online Platform Only Prefer Native Speakers

Not true. You will be getting a plethora of professional tutors online, both native and non-native. And these professionals are hired based on their qualifications l, experience, skills, and of course, language proficiency. 

You will find tutors who can meet your expectations regarding the rates they charge. And it is always better to pick someone well experienced and well-rated. 

Even though they are native speakers, it’s not likely they can offer you the best learning experience. Choose wisely, don’t let the myth regarding

  1. Only Native Speakers Are the Best Tutors

You might assume that native English speakers on language tutoring platforms are the best tutors. However, they are inherently better in the language. They don’t have to be thorough with grammar rules or stay updated with slang. But the fact is, non-native speakers know what it is like to learn a language. 

They will anticipate students’ problems closely and understand how to resolve their queries. Not only will this help you benefit while learning, but you also bond well with the tutors. 

It can be a bit of a formal experience to have a tutor who is well versed like a native speaker. 

  • Native Speakers Can Make You Aware of The Culture Well

You might believe that native speakers are well versed with the English culture best because they grew up. A native speaker will help you with the English slang, how to talk, how to act, how to use the accent and so on. But, that doesn’t mean non-native private online language tutors are not worth it. 

You can easily understand the culture through the internet, watching videos, reading books and other methods. Non-native speaking professionals will feel you more and put themselves in your shoes. 

  • Native Speakers Use  English Consciously

It is often believed that native language teaching professionals use English consciously. But the fact is, they talk in the language typically and don’t feel like emphasising solid points. Since non-native speakers have to learn the language formally, they are very conscious about what to teach, how to prepare and so on. 

Native speakers are likely to be ignorant about your learning process and often hurry up. But, non-native speakers will emphasise your learning speed and ensure you learn at your own pace without worrying about anything. 

Why Do They Say Native Speakers Are Better?

The main argument is native-speaking professionals don’t have to learn the language. They naturally frame words without having to be active or consciously thinking. Students learning a speech from a native speaker find them as their role models. 

Students want to speak, pronounce or use words just like their tutors represent. Native speaking professionals can make better communication, confidence in the tone and a wonderful accent. 

Why Do Non-Native English Speaking Professionals Are Better Too? 

Non-native speaking language tutors have typically learned the language by themselves. They have the experience you’ll be going through and can put themselves in your shoes. These tutors have greater empathy and use first-hand tips to teach their students the language. Their awareness of language learning, the difficulty one goes through, and tips and tricks can help you better than any other professional. 

Want to Learn English: Who to pick?

It is always important to check the qualifications and the rating and expertise of a tutor online. Each tutor on the online platform has a profile with ratings, reviews, experience and skillsets. You can make the selection based on the relevant skill you need from a tutor and their pay scale. 

Some professionals charge way too high, and it can be difficult for you to pay them hourly. Therefore, be very careful when choosing a tutor since you don’t know how long or how many sessions it will take to learn the language. 


Choosing a tutor can be intimidating, especially when you have no idea how to begin your search with. You can always lookout for a tutor that matches your expectations and someone you can afford. Be it native or non-native professionals; both will have the ability to give you an exceptional learning experience. 

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