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Moto Sport Park reviews of attractions


Moto Sport Park is a massive 100-square-foot land area specifically designed for motorcyclists and motocross riders. It has a variety of attractions such as it’s Moto Ranchero Motocross Track, BMX Track and that’s not even the top of the iceberg.

The Moto Sport Park (MSP) is located inside Dubai, UAE. It was officially open to the public on the 22nd of March in 2016. The park is equipped with outdoor as well as indoor tracks as well as rough terrain trails that cater to many bike enthusiasts. The highlights of the track include the motocross track, a soil bike track, and floating courses with elevation changes that can reach 35 meters. The track also has the opportunity to take in the view of Dubai from the goliath screens. It also gives a complete list of activities that will entice guests with excellent meals and beverages at reasonable prices.

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The main attractions are:

  • Off-Road Riding Off-Road Ride

This must-see place is for those who enjoy ATV’s, off-roading, and are looking for adventurous stuff like the Buggy Ride or ATV Ride.


They have 3 kinds of vehicles.


1) Hammer Head 150CC


This is for the new traveler who is looking to explore and is looking for a starting point.


Fast and chippy, this buggy will leave you with goose bumps unlike any other cart will.


Costs: Hammer Head 150CC – INR 1000 for 20 minutes ride along the landing area street.


P.S Basic knowledge about driving is required for riding this ride.


There is no need to worry you’ll have a Marshall or a Trainer nearby to guide you during your take a ride. Therefore, your safety is taken care of.


My Experience: As an inexperienced student, I soaked the experience to the fullest.


The track is perfect for those who want to master your ATV as a beginner and get the most enjoyment and return.


2) RZR Polarize 800CC


When it came to the Polarize the track was larger in terms of size, as well as the course was more adventurous.


A 760cc engine running at 6200 rpm will turn you into an uncontrollable beast, but faster, more meaner, and more crazy.


You can pull out all the stops, assuming you are a fan of THUNDER and PACE.


Costs: RZR Polarize 800CC – INR 2000 for a 5 KM rough terrain lap


3.) Rage Cyclone 1000CC


WOWW! That was the word that came to mind after I saw this ATV. It’s an eye-catching machine.


As is evident from the title, this ride is pure and unadulterated shite. Rage Cyclone’s 4 stroke, 996cc engine is capable of beating almost anything.


Costs: Rage Cyclone 1000CC – INR 3000 for 05KM of rough terrain lap

  • Gyptain Ride –

The trip starts from Amer, Jaipur going through the town that provides visitors with the feel of town safari, moving to the breathtaking views of the stunning Aravali Mountain range.


Once you’ve got a little satisfied with the Jeep/Gypsy now is the best moment to take your vehicle on a small test.Gracious indeed, you’ll ascend the mountain ridge with your stable pony controlled machine. It’s a little bumpy and thrilling ride. When you get to the top of the mountain, the views are amazing.200 areas that are level on the top of the the mountain. 200 years old samadhi with inspiring tone and plenty of energy. A lake that is situated on top of the mountain. You’ll never want to be back in the bustle of the city more.Drive up to the mountain’s slope and climb towards the next edge.


This is the perfect moment to experience the natural getting closer. The vehicle you are driving to will be waiting at this point and bring you at some point. You will be walking downhill for about 15-20 minutes, and arrive at the foot of the mountain. Take a stroll for 10 minutes and you’ll discover our monster of rough terrain.


It’s time for an exciting and terrifying Vagabond/thar ride through our rugged terrain. After the ride, the jeep will take you to the Commando the deterrent area. Participate in the exercise before heading back to the base of the ridge.



Moto Sport Park is a must to offer every adventurer. Our mud-romping adventures are a one-of-a unique idea that isn’t located elsewhere in this mindset, in our own unique region. We boast of a 5-kilometer-long circuit that can be altered to cover the entire distance as you want, this makes it suitable for all kinds of event coordinators that want to make their event distinctive at our sports office! We also have a wide variety of bikes that are from the most well-known brands that will provide you with an exciting experience throughout your time with us!


Jaipur motor sports park has plenty to offer with excitement with your buddies. You can take pleasure in your entire day here and enjoy these incredible bikes. You will have a blast and you can even own your own bike and take a ride around the park since they have a an extensive area where you can display your height as a the rider.


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