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Your Detailed Guide to Purchasing the Best Company Swag Gear

The Benefits of Swag Gear for Your Business

Did you know that a great brand strategy’s foundation is actually corporate swag? Learn why Swag Gear is important and what kind is best for your company. Have you been around for a while in business? If so, it could be appropriate to break out the corporate Swag Gear. However, what exactly is swag and why do you need it? Simply put, it’s everything that bears your logo and is utilized to market your company. Additionally, even though generating and dispersing Swag Gear may not seem like the most innovative promotional concept, it is actually a fantastic long-term marketing plan. Here’s the lowdown on the benefits of company swag for your business and how to locate the best sort.

The Benefits of Swag Gear for Your Business

The Key Is Strategy

Even though placing a logo on a mug can appear simple, it actually forms the basis of a strong brand strategy. This is due to the fact that any thorough brand strategy incorporates employee participation, client loyalty, and even emotion. Swag Gear, believe it or not, meets every requirement. This is how:

It Spreads Knowledge.

Do you recall when you first learned about businesses like Casper or MongoDB? Although it’s rare for people to recall their initial interaction with a company, seeing the logo in unexpected locations can assist. We have a MongoDB mug here at FingerBoard Farm, and occasionally I use it to sip coffee. Instead of never thinking about them previously, I now do so at least once a week thanks to that cup.

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Favourable Brand Sentiment

I also have pleasant memories of the company when I use the MongoDB cup to drink from. Why? In any case, when a corporation is associated with a pleasant morning ritual, I have a positive association with it. Additionally, a BMPA study found that 56% of those who received branded promotional merchandise believed it boosted their opinion of the company. It is therefore a wise long-term investment. Long-term worth: Over a year is how long 87% of consumers keep free promotional items.

Over Time, it Pays For Itself.

According to a Brandwatch survey, customers who keep promotional items from your business for more than a year are also probably introducing your brand to their friends and neighbours. There is nothing like the power of repetition, even though you are paying for the costs upfront. Because of the ongoing brand exposure, you’ll see a significant return on your investment.

Your Staff Will Adore It

Everyone enjoys receiving free gifts, and receiving Swag Gear from a company is similar to receiving a unique thank you that they can carry around with them at all times. And the majority of workers enjoy wearing it! Everyone at FingerBoard Farm receives complimentary t-shirts, lanyards, and hats bearing the Fingerboard Online Shop brand, and we’re proud to wear them. There are several fantastic internet swag stores that can assist you in spreading the word about your business. Some of our favourites are listed below:

Project Vanity

The Vanity Project recently sold merchandise to FingerBoard Farm, including t-shirts bearing our corporate logo. We are thrilled with the way the shirts were made, but we should also support the company’s mission. The Vanity Project frequently collaborates with charitable institutions to increase brand recognition through premium goods. You may support the causes you care about by shopping for them.


Vistaprint offers much more than t-shirts (though they do that, too). They sell uncommon goods including calculators, can coolers, and bags in addition to offering a variety of marketing materials like coasters and magnets. Coats and hoodies are also acceptable.


There is whatever you can imagine here. From embroidered blankets to temporary tattoos to customizable footballs, 4imprint provides an enormous selection of merchandise that can be personalised. Even though you probably won’t consider all of their offerings, it’s fun to mix things up with so much diversity.


Scoutbooks keeps things simple by concentrating on personalizable notebooks. Although it’s a specialised market, owning a branded notebook has received a lot of great feedback. People are more likely to keep something around for a long time if they write in it. A proven technique to build a positive perception of a business is through writing because it has a personal touch and a nostalgic vibe.

Selecting the Proper Swag Gear

So, what sort of Swag Gear is the best? That could actually depend a lot on who your customers are. Are you a tech company that provides small businesses with computer solutions? Perhaps a coffee mug that office workers use would be ideal. However, if you run a skateboarding park in California, t-shirts and beanbags might work. Here are some crowd favourites that will be difficult for potential clients to pass up if you’re having difficulties choosing:


T-shirts are both functional and entertaining, and people will wear them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen folks wearing corporate merchandise at the gym or on the weekends, even if your t-shirt doesn’t make it to the office. It’s a portable approach to spread the word about your company to a larger audience and has a high lifetime value.

Bottles of water

Everyone drinks water, and doing so is good for the environment. It’s a useful gift that will make the individuals who use water bottles think of your business with each energising sip, whether they want to take it to the gym or on their upcoming hiking vacation.

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I’ll give you a free piece of FingerBoard Farm apparel if you can think of someone who has never had an urgent need for a charger. Chargers are not only highly helpful, but they will also improve brand perception because everyone values having enough power for their phone to last the day.

Outdoor Recreational Gear

What else promotes positive sentiments besides playing at the beach? It’s a fun approach to introduce your brand in style, whether you choose frisbees, sunglasses, or flip-flops.

Whether you choose to use tote bags or t-shirts, Swag Gear is much more than just a logo on a piece of clothing. It’s a chance to involve the neighbourhood and make the recipients happy.

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