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Manufactured Home Construction Techniques Using Bolts, Screws And Nuts- Examined

The construction of light frames made from exterior coach bolts is an extremely popular method of building homes across North America. The structure can be divided into four parts including foundation, floors, walls, and roof.

The advantages of this method are the utilization of smaller components to create larger components, as well as the redundancy of the whole structure. Wood is also advantageous because it is simple to work with, shows the load’s status, and is renewable.


Foundations of frames with light exterior coach bolts can be used to transfer the load of the building to the soil. The foundation consists of two components: a wall and a footing. It is the footing that acts as the main weight-bearing part that is part of the foundation. The wall, or in some instances a pier extends from the footing all the way to the top floor.

They are usually made of concrete that has been poured into place. In colder climates, where frost heave can be a problem, footings should be placed higher in the soil than the frost is able to reach. The goal of the footings is to carry the weight load of the structure and place it on the soil. In soils that are soft, or when large load loads are present pilings could be installed into the ground underneath the footings.

The walls of the foundation are used to transfer the load from the floor’s first level onto foundations. They can also be used to form foundation walls for basements when soil is sifted out to one end. They are typically made of poured-in-place concrete or prefabricated concrete or masonry blocks, all of which are strong in compressive strength. In certain climates that are dry or in old buildings, walls could consist of treated timber or large stones.


The floors through exterior coach bolts frame construction are designed to support the weight load of the wall and occupants. They comprise two parts, joists, and sheathing. The joists are equally spaced and bear most of the weight. The sheathing is used to fill in spaces and distribute the weight that is placed on the floor.

The foundation walls are what support the initial floor. In the majority of cases, it becomes impossible to span the entire length between the walls; therefore beams can be employed alongside the walls. They are usually anchored by notches on the foundation walls and are accompanied by posts that join to other feet in the middle of the structure.

For any second or upper floors, wooden frame walls, both the interior as well as exterior, are utilized to support the beams. In some instances, beams can also be used to support higher levels of floors with large openings, or when there is a heavy demand on the floor.

Consider Load Capacity:

Joists are spaced twelve to 16 inches apart. They are made of engineered or solid sawn Joists. Dimensional sawn lumber is available with 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12 dimensions. The load determines the size required to carry as well as the length they cover.

Engineered floor joists have an increased strength-to-weight ratio, can span greater distances, and can often result in a straighter floor. If a higher strength is required, due to the possibility of additional loads or openings on the floor the joist could be tripled or doubled to meet the demands.

The joists then are sheeted with plywood or strand board that is oriented or solid planks of wood. This provides a smooth floor that can accommodate walls or occupants as well as other objects that can be put anyplace.

The sheathing should be able to transfer any points loaded onto the joists while limiting the bending. The joints should be offset and include a spleen, tongue, or groove so that the strength of the joint is not diminished. If the final occupants want to see the very little bend in the sheeting between joists the subfloor could be made of sheeting or a thin layer of concrete could be utilized.


The above-ground walls of a home with lightwood plastic bolts are what make up the living area of the final home. The typical height is eight feet however; they may be taller when desired. The structural supports of the wall are the framing members or wall studs.

Walls that are exterior are also covered to provide additional shear strength. The whole wall could be constructed lying on the floor flat before being tilted up and then secured in the position. Walls may require temporary support until the construction is completed. While only suitable for external walls, the panels can be coated on their exterior surfaces.

This gives the wall shear strength and stops it from bending from its initial rectangular shape. The sheeting may be made of a variety of different materials, including plywood or oriented strand board exterior gypsum, as well as rigid foam. The kind of sheeting needed will depend on the building’s final covering.

Roof Systems

There are two kinds of roofs: generally smooth and sloped. Flat roofs are constructed similarly to floors but are slightly sloped towards drains. Flat roofs should also be strong enough to handle massive snow and water loads since they don’t let them fall off easily.

By careful calculation, all components can be used to increase their strength. Trusses are typically placed twenty-four inches apart and are covered using plywood material. The elements that are waterproof, such as shingles are then put over the sheeting in order to drain water.

Benefits of Light Frame Wood Construction Using Nuts And Bolts

Wood construction using a light frame is a popular method for home construction across Canada. The sawn lumber, plywood, and engineered materials are easily accessible from coast to coast. This makes this method of building cost-effective and efficient in comparison to other forms of methods of construction for housing.

The elements which make up large houses are comparatively tiny. The lumber and plywood that is dimensional are all stackable and transported using regular trucks. Materials can be moved between locations using all-terrain forklifts or if required, manual labor. This is beneficial as big walls and floors are able to be constructed on-site, by removing smaller, easy-to-handle components.

Light-framed wooden houses are redundant systems. If one element is removed or damaged it is very unlikely that a major malfunction occurs. For instance, walls consist of many vertical dome head rivet. If a window opening is constructed without the proper support on top it is highly unlikely that the wall itself will fail.

Benefits Of Using Wood As The Building Material

Woodworking is easy. Electric saws and handsaws are able to efficiently cut pieces of wood to length. Additionally, fastening can be done swiftly using screws or nails. This permits the building of lightwood frame homes to be finished without the need for costly equipment or tools. This lowers the cost and permits the techniques to be used in a wide range of ways.

Wood is an excellent material for building as it shows a variety of signs prior to failure. The presence of excessive bending, deformation, cracking, and cracking sounds are usually indicators to the residents that there’s an issue with the structure of the structure.

While the structure might initially be designed to bear the necessary loads, however, with time, decomposition, rot, and termites could weaken the structure. The warning devices included in wood are helpful over the long run.


Making use of exterior coach bolts is an approach with a long track record of great success. As technologies and products evolve as well, the method of the building will be able to adapt. In the near future, light-frame construction that is subject to rapid changes will continue to achieve success.

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