Maintain Post-Salon Hair with Non-Toning Purple Conditioner and More

We always feel energized and beautiful after a visit to the salon. Whether you walked in for a cut, color, or blowout, you leave with extra bounce, shine, and freshness. Everything feels on-point again when you walk out. So, how do you keep the hair glow going until next time?

You can keep your hair looking amazing from the comfort of your home with a few tips. You can even build a strategy with your hairstylist, depending on your hair goals. For example, blondes should use a toning purple shampoo along with a non-toning daily purple conditioner to keep their blonde locks moisturized and brass-free. Keep your hair looking salon-worthy between appointments with the following suggestions.

Wait to Wash—Especially After Color

Don’t go home and immediately wash your color-treated hair or highlights, as it will result in loss of color. Washing before your hairstylist’s recommended wait period may cause your beautiful hue to fade quicker. Most stylists will suggest giving your hair a breather post-visit to let the color settle in, whether you go lighter or darker. If you’re worried about stripping your color from over-shampooing, you can always try washing your hair less throughout the week.

Use Products for Color-Treated Hair, Like Non-Toning Purple Conditioner for Blondes

Regardless of how many times a week you wash your hair, you should use color-safe products that protect color-treated hair. For example, if you’re blonde, you can use both toning and non-toning purple products to help preserve your color. Choose a non-toning daily purple conditioner and shampoo to cleanse and condition without stripping your strands. You can further support color retention by using a toning purple shampoo weekly to keep tones bright and brass-free. High-performance purple products from a professional hair care brand may yield optimal results.

Check the Water Temp

Super hot showers are not good for washing your hair. Hot water removes color faster and can also cause your hair and scalp to dry out. It also strips your hair of its natural oils, and the loss of moisture may leave your locks dry and frizzy. Use a cooler water temperature when shampooing and conditioning if possible. The cooler, the better.

Invest in Professional Hair Care Products

The quality of your post-salon products can make a huge difference in color retention, protection, and the overall health of your locks. Versatile, easy-to-use, high-performance products help ensure your locks always look gorgeous. Seek out specific hair systems focused on toning, curl, volumizing, or repair designed to suit your needs. Professional hair care brands will offer a variety of products for all hair types and textures.

Protect Hair From Heat

Your styling and finishing products are just as important as your shampoo and conditioner. They not only bring your style to life, but they also help nourish, hydrate, and protect your strands from heat styling and UV rays. A high-quality, hydrating argan oil for all hair types is an excellent multitasker. It adds shine, seals the cuticle, controls frizz, and protects from heat and UV damage. It also smooths dry and damaged ends and reduces blow-dry time. Some of the best brands even offer an argan oil formulated for blondes.

You may also benefit from a high-quality volumizing spray, especially if you have fine hair. A volumizing spray is a styling product that adds weightless volume and texture while protecting your locks from heat styling and UV rays. Any number of versatile products from your favorite brand can make all the difference in the way your hair looks between salon visits.

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