IWC replica watches ‘s most cost-effective minute repeater – the wonderful music in spring

Replica watches: As long as IWC is mentioned, the Portuguese series has to be mentioned. The Portugieser watch is one of IWC’s signature series. It has a simple and beautiful appearance and precise timing. It has always been widely loved by watch fans, especially business people. Originally born in the late 1930s, the series was reborn in 1993 and made a big splash at the Geneva Watch Fair in 2004. Today I bring you a real shot of a minute repeater from the Portuguese series. The official model is: IW524205.fake watches uk

This watch is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge production technology. Attached to the dial is a decorative minute ring, a breath-taking mechanism and a skeletonized minute repeater that is not only visually gorgeous, but also uniquely aurally pleasing, able to read the hours and engravings through two finely tuned springs. hours and minutes.

The English expression of the three questions is Minute repeater, which refers to the “conversation” between the wearer and the watch – asking it the hour, the moment, fake watches uk and the minute, the combination is the current time. The usual minute repeater is composed of two gongs and two hammers.

The hammer strikes the gongs, and the sound of the minute repeater comes out.

The benefits of this Portuguese minute repeater are not limited to pocket watch movements. According to the current market conditions, it may still be the most cost-effective minute repeater watch. IWC made this watch with brushed 18K white gold, which is beautiful and fashionable.

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IWC equips the watch with a brown alligator leather strap sewn with brown silk thread. The crocodile leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear, replica watches and it can also appear more meaningful.

The eye-catching sliding bar on the left activates its superbly complex minute repeater mechanism, causing the gongs to strike the wheel train to accurately announce the time with beautiful and beautiful bell tones: the bass announces the hours, the double tones announce the quarter-hour and the single high-pitched tone Announce the minutes, as if playing beautiful music with the bells on the street.

IWC equipped this watch with the 95290 movement, and IWC also has a Portuguese minute repeater with the 98950 movement.

Interestingly, with the 95000 series and 98000 series movements, you can directly distinguish by the minute repeater dial:

the small seconds dial is 95000 at 9 o’clock, Replica Swiss Watches and the 98000 at 6 o’clock.replica watches

IWC equips the watch with a brown alligator leather strap with a folding clasp made of 18K white gold. After the wearer adjusts the folding clasp according to the thickness of the wrist, it is very convenient to wear.

IWC equipped this watch with a cal.95290 manual winding movement. From the sapphire crystal glass case back, we can clearly see

the engagement of the runner of the watch movement and the rotation of the balance wheel and hairspring. What needs to be known is that this movement is the movement in the original IWC replica pocket watch, so the movement is also relatively large.

The minute repeater that can distinguish “hour”, “quarter”

and “minute” timekeeping is the result of the skillful use of acoustics and dynamics. The melodious and crisp tones emitted by the striking parts in the complex machinery are like the song of spring played by the birds in the forest. The moving chords, combined with the hollow-out design of the three-question device,

make the wearer enjoy a unique experience both visually and audibly. feel.

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