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Indian Railways Ticket Booking-All That You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love traveling? Who doesn’t love traveling via trains? But who loves standing in the long queues to get their train tickets booked? Here comes the need to have an online train ticket booking portal. You can book your railway train ticket from Indian Railways ticket counters all over India at your nearest station. But what about the spontaneous plans that are made at the last moment? Therefore, it is good to get your tickets booked from authorized ticketing agents of the IRCTC. If you are not comfortable enough to go to a railway station or a ticketing agency or busy with your daily schedules and don’t have enough time to run to the station, you can buy your tickets online. Book your tickets from the IRCTC website or through an application of IRCTC authorized e-ticketing partners.  

What are the types of Indian Railways Train Tickets?  

Indian Railways provides two types of train tickets which are the reserved ticket and the unreserved ticket. Besides these two types, there are other quotas that Indian Railways provide that include tatkal quota and premium tatkal ticket.  

Additionally, another type of train ticket is a platform ticket. This ticket has been introduced to make people convenient. Sometimes you may need to pick up or drop off your relatives or friends at the station. For that, we generally stay back at the station waiting to bid goodbye to our dear ones. Sometimes you just have to wait for a few minutes, and sometimes it can be for hours. Then, you need to buy a platform ticket.  

How to know whether your train ticket is booked or not?  

  • A ticket contains details about the journey, passengers and the train.  
  • IRCTC will generate a ticket with the passenger Name Record (PNR) number, a ten-digit unique number.  
  • According to the reservation status, the ticket can be confirmed if the person has been allotted a seat.  
  • A confirmed ticket is indicated by CNF (Confirmed in Reference)  
  • If the seat has not been allocated to the passenger, the ticket shows an unconfirmed ticket.  
  • An unconfirmed ticket goes further to the waitlist. It is indicated by WL (Wait List) on the ticket.  

Modules of a Train Ticket:  

  • PNR – The Passenger Name Record: 

The IRCTC computerized reservation system provides a PNR number when your railway train booking is done. A ticket holds the passenger’s personal information and other details about the train journey. If your ticket is a printed one, you can see your allotted PNR number on the top left side of the ticket. It is a unique ten-digit number which is one of the most significant features of an Indian Railways ticket.  

This number can be used to get other services of Indian Railways as well. It is used to book retiring rooms at stations, sit in the waiting room, raise complaints about low-quality food, need any help in emergency or theft issues.  

  • Train Number: 

A train ticket consists of a ticket number and name. You can find the number at the top of the ticket in a printed ticket, just right to the PNR number. Train numbers can be used easily to get information about the train arrival time, departure time, En-route, available class, etc.   

  • Journey Date: 

The date of the journey is also printed on the ticket. Generally, passengers can do railway train booking 120 days in advance. It can remind you of the journey date. It is printed on the top of the ticket, just right to the train number.  

  • Price of the Ticket: 

Indian Railways provide tickets of different costs for different class seats. The price of the railway train booking is printed on the ticket. It is printed in both words and numerals. There are some price concessions to women, senior citizens, patients, and disabled passengers.  

  • Waitlisted Ticket: 

Due to the bookings and seat unavailability, IRCTC can show some tickets in waiting. There are several types of waitlisted tickets; they are:  General Waiting List ticket (GNWL), Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL), Pooled Quota Waiting List (PQWL)  

  • Confirmed Ticket:

It means your ticket is confirmed, and you have been allotted a seat or berth. The ticket contains the coach number, seat or berth number, and the type of berth. If the ticket is marked with CNF, it has been confirmed, and the berth will be allotted after chart preparation. The chart is generally prepared 4 hours before the train departures.  

  • RAC Status Ticket:

If the ticket is marked with RAC, you should share your berth with another person. It is considered as two seats. For RAC ticket holders, a side lower berth will be allotted. A RAC ticket passenger can have a journey and reach the destination, but one cannot have a berth.  

  • Class of Accommodation: 

There are several types of travel classes that Indian Railways provide. They are:  

  • AC 1st Class, 1A  
  • 2 tier, 2A  
  • 3 tier, 3A  
  • First Class  
  • AC Chair Car  
  • CC  
  • Sleeper Class  
  • SL  
  • 2nd Seating  

You can find class accommodation on your ticket.  

  • Start and End Stations: 

The ticket contains the starting station place and ending station place, from and to your journey information.  

Online Reservations:  

If you plan railway train booking online, go for the authorized e-ticketing partners. The online ticket also contains all the details such as PNR number, train number, accommodation class, etc. It also includes some additional information such as the transaction ID of your payment, service charge, QR code for security.  

Additionally, an online train ticket denotes superfast charges, coach number, seat or berth number, gender and age of the passenger, date and time of the ticket bought.  

Make sure to make your railway train booking successful. Are you going online to book a ticket? Choose Trainman, an IRCTC authorized partner, and provide exclusive offers for the users. It is an easy-to-use application to book all your railway tickets. Download the app, book your ticket and enjoy your journey.  

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