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Importance Of Meditation: Everything You Want to Know


In this tough and growing world it’s hard to cope up with your mental consciousness and also to keep your mind fresh. People are so busy in their office or household works. Because of which many people suffer from-self-low esteem, many negative thoughts, depression and many more things which can make their self-belief very low. Many great psychologists or even books tell us that these kinds of thoughts can be stopped by doing meditation everyday. As it helps to be conscious and have positive thoughts.

Meditation is such an exercise which can be done in any kind of position whether the person is standing, sitting on a chair, relaxing in their garden or even having a break during their office time or any work. As it helps people to keep our mind safe and also away from negative thoughts. Meditation is an old remedy in which people sit and try to keep their mind empty. Try concentrating on their breathing. This activity can be done in just 5 minutes. So many people try to do even more time like half an hour and more. It’s an old  yoga remedy which is applied to most of the yoga positions. It also gives the person a peaceful mind.

Is Meditation Important for the Mind ?

There are many reasons and also benefits of people by trying or adding meditation in their everyday life. As the people feel less stressful and have low anger temper because of it. And many more listed below:-

  1. Start sitting for two minutes: This will seem very easy, to just meditate for two minutes. Start with just two minutes a day for a week. After a while increase your time little by little. In 2 months, your time will be 10 minutes a day.
  2. Make it your first thing to do: It is hard for everyone to remember their meditation time. So, make it the first thing to do after waking up. And do it regularly so that you can have a habit of it.
  3. Don’t make it a perfect session: Most people worry that they are doing meditation right or wrong, whether they will get good results or not. But one should try doing this method on a regular basis so they can feel the effects of it.
  4. Check on yourself: Ask yourself how you are feeling after some session. If you are feeling that it’s great if not start doing it for a little more and increase your time too.
  5. Count your breaths:- Start counting your breath during the session the more you feel your breath the more one will feel relaxed and less anxious. Start with 10 times per day and then increase after a month.
  6. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect: If you can’t have a perfect meditation. Don’t worry you will get it right but don’t stop doing it. If someone will be patient and do it regularly they will find good results.

Tip: Use a meditation cushion and improve the posture and reduce your pain .

  1. Know yourself: By doing meditation daily a person can get to know themselves. This process is not just about increasing your concentration, it’s about knowing yourself from within and also believing in yourself.
  2. It can be done anywhere: Meditation is an activity which can be done anywhere while some is sitting, standing or even having a break from their work.
  3. Find your Posture: After a period of time people can find their perfect posture of doing meditation or even have a right cushion about it. For many it’s an activity they do while being in a car or driving back to their home.
  4.  Tell your friends about it: Also tell your friends about the experience and refer them to do it. If they find any difficulty while doing it, tell them to be patient. They will have good results if they wait.
  5.  Be proud of yourself: After every session tell yourself that you are proud of yourself and also smile at the end of every session. As every session meditation should bring you closer to yourself and should relieve your stress a little bit.
  6.  Commit to yourself: Commit with yourself that you will do it every day and also try to increase your timing level after a month. This is a process which only makes us better and kind person. It is very beneficial for society, but first for yourself.


Meditation is a process which can help one  to increase their concentrating level, will power and also help a person to know and love themselves from within. This process helps to calm down the brain from every negative thought, stress etc. Meditation is a process that is recommended and flowed by old remedies to control your anger and to have a positive mind set.

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