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ICE EngTech Professional Review

What is the ICE Professional Review Interview?

The Technician Professional Review is the last step towards becoming professionally qualified.

It’s your opportunity to prove that you can use proven procedures and techniques to sort out practical problems. You will be evaluated against the attributes necessary at the engineering technician (EngTech) level.

This process comprises two steps:

  • The application submission
  • Professional Review Interview

Let’s know about both of them one by one.

Professional Review submission:

For this step, you have to send the authority several documents. These documents include your completed application form. Besides that, it will also include some documents like your continuing professional development records.

You have to demonstrate how you have attained the attributes required of an engineering technician within the application form.

When you have sent your application, the authority will give you the names of your reviewers. Besides that, it will also give you the details of your interview.

Professional Review interview:

This interview usually lasts 45 minutes if you have approved academic qualifications. On the other hand, if you don’t have approved academic qualifications, it may take up to 60 minutes. You have the option to give a five-minute presentation at the beginning of your interview.

The interview will be a discussion with your reviewers based on the content of your presentation. Besides that, it will also be based on all aspects of the information you gave in your application.  The reviewers’ focus will be to confirm that you fulfill all of the attributes at the ICE EngTech level.

Proof of educational qualifications:

You need to list your academic qualifications. Moreover, include qualifications you are currently studying but not yet competing with the proposed end date. If a non-member, or if not already provided to ICE, provide certified copies of degree certificates for any qualifications listed.

You need to give a certified copy as a part of your submission. It must be a ‘true copy of the original qualification. In addition, it should be certified like a passport picture by a senior member of your employing company. It can also be certified by an ICE member or a college tutor.

If the qualifications are not in English, provide taksim escort certified translations. The person who signs the certificate must write the following on the certificate copy:

‘I confirm this to be a true copy of this applicant’s qualification’.


Print name:

Employing Organization/College/University:


Contact telephone number or mail:

ICE membership number (if applicable):

If ICE needs it, and it is not available on your application, the authority will contact you. The authority will be unable to continue processing your application for the ICE technician status until you provide the information.

Unspent convictions:

No person having an unspent conviction related to a serious criminal offense will have admission to any membership grade. However, if special circumstances are showing that the person is suitable for membership, the person can have admission.

If having an unspent conviction related to a serious criminal office, complete the form of the criminal conviction. Your sponsors must sign this form, and you must submit it with your application. An authorized member or staff will contact you directly and in confidence.

Career history:

You need to give details of your current/most recent employment. In addition, include the start and end date of your employment, your employer, and your job title. Another thing you need to do is to give a summary of your responsibilities and roles.


You will know your result through mail within 6 weeks after your review. If you select the tick-box on the application form, your name, if successful, will be published on ICE’s website. You will have your name published five days after the issuance of the result. Moreover, it will subsequently appear on the ‘New Civil Engineer’ website.

If not successful, you will have the reviewer’s comments about the reason. It will help you discuss your result with your lead sponsor and ICE staff. They can help you prepare for a future interview for the ICE EngTech status.



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