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How Weather Resistant Is Composite Decking?

What Exactly Is Composite Decking?

Plastic and wood fibers are wrap in a composite material known as composite wood decking. Companies can now develop exquisite composites that mimic the natural appearance of wood thanks to advancements in the manufacturing sector. When making composites, they take into account Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions. In Melbourne, composite decking Melbourne is the fastest-growing and most popular alternative to wood decking. It’s an eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood. In addition, it is long-lasting and comes in various beautiful designs.

Is Composite Decking Weather Resistant?

Because composite decking is so weather-resistant, it’s one of the key reasons consumers choose it over wood. Lack of upkeep is another benefit of composite decking over traditional timber decking. A composite deck needs cleaning once a year or as needed, so there are no difficulties with trees overhanging it, turning it black and slimy. However, under extreme conditions, it may turn black and slimy, so that you can clean it. As a result, that’s one of the most notable benefits, but it comes at a price.

Is It Possible For The Decking To Get Wet?

It makes no difference what kind of wood you use for your decking. In the long run, exposed decks subjected to heavy and frequent downpours will become damaged. If you want to keep your timber decking in good condition, you should clean and re-oil it at least once every year. It does not mean that composite decking does not need to clean and clear of dirt and mold or algae, but it is still important to do so.

Is Composite Decking More Water Resistant Than Wood?

In cold weather, the liquid that enters the wood might freeze and expand, causing the boards to break if they are regularly exposed to excessive moisture. It is a problem with standard wooden decking. On the other hand,  grey composite decking is significantly more resistant to warping than traditional timber deck planks, leaving you with a deformed surface that is uneven, malformed, and structurally insecure. Designed for the infamously wet British climate, each board has an absorption rate of less than 1.2 percent.

Is It Possible To Power Wash Decking?

The answer is yes, but only with a low, wide fan jet of water. It is a frequently request subject, and our response is yes. Jet cleaning can cause damage to any deck, which is why you should avoid it.

When A Pressure Washer Is Used, Why Will It Harm The Decking?

As already said. To minimize harm, you must utilize a wide fan spray of clean water at low pressure. As a general rule, avoid using a direct jet that is too powerful since it will etch the wood fibers.

Decking Advice

Deciding on the type of wood, PVC, or composite decking can be challenging, especially considering the wide range of colors and finishes available. The appearance and feel of your yard will great influence by the type of decking you install. So do your research before making a decision. Choosing the correct decking for your needs and budget is easy when you have the help of one of our decking experts. To help you make your decision, we have a huge display area to see the many types, styles, and finishes in person. Those exhibits also feature a variety of glass, PVC, and timber railings and panels that can use to finish off your deck.


If you’re planning to build a deck for any reason, ensure it’s done correctly so you may enjoy it without worrying about a loose board or a weak base in the future. After reading these incredible perks, it would be best if I inspired you to design a deck. Composite Decking Melbourne residents and businesses are increasingly choosing composite decking as their preferred decking material. Improved product quality and lower prices have made composite decking prices more affordable for consumers. Melbourne’s Composite Decking Suppliers have risen to prominence and are reaping the rewards. When you select grey composite decking and Eco Decking Melbourne as your composite decking, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve worked with a wide variety of materials and composite decking designs.

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