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How to Use Instagram Guides to Increase the Value of Your Posts

Instagram Guides

Have you noticed other users sharing Instagram Guides and considered joining in? By compiling a series of places, items, or topics that your audience could find interesting, guides give the opportunity to freshen up your content and add new value.

Because Instagram guidelines are a relatively new feature, you may be seeking additional information on how to build them and what objectives they serve. If that’s the case, you’re in luck! Continue reading for an in-depth look at Instagram Guides and how you can utilize them to grow your brand.

What exactly are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides allow users to organize previously posted material on Instagram. When you build a guide, you bundle together content or goods to provide new value to your fans. Your followers may then use one swipe to review each post or product in your guide.

A title and the cover picture will inform readers about the topic or purpose of your collection. You may also add your thoughts on the collection and each post in the guide.

You may post stuff from your profile and other public sites and stores, and Instagram organizes all guides into a tab in your profile.

Instagram guides

How can Instagram Guides help your business?

Are you looking for a strategy to entice your followers to visit your Instagram shop? Or maybe you want to get more out of past stuff you’ve shared. Instagram Guides might be the solution! Instagram guidelines may help your company do the following:

  • Create a collection of related posts.
  • Highlight goods that work well together.
  • Engage your consumers and social media followers.

Examples of Instagram Guides from three leading brands

Check out these Instagram Guides examples from Mailchimp, Bed Bath & Beyond, and ASOS to see how those users may look in action:


Mailchimp draws together various posts from their profile that form a series in this tutorial. Users don’t have to navigate through Mailchimp’s feed to see all of the content from the 2020 annual report. Instead, they may refer to the guide for an easy-to-use collection!

This guide assists Mailchimp subscribers in navigating a sequence of connected topics. Scrolling through a single guide is significantly faster than searching for each article on Mailchimp’s feed!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond uses a guide to showcase goods that complement one another. They’ve gathered things for arranging your laundry area in this case.

This sort of guide adds value to their followers by addressing a specific need in one location while also suggesting items that their audience may not have known complimented one another. In this way, the guide might persuade viewers to buy things they might not have considered otherwise.


ASOS employs a variety of Instagram guides, but I picked this one to showcase a specific purpose Instagram Guides can serve – communicating with members of the community and promoting posts from others.

ASOS compiled posts from influencers with whom they had collaborated to exhibit the campaign in one location in this guide.

Is it worthwhile to devote time to Instagram guides?

Creating Instagram Guides is worthwhile because they enable you to simply adapt existing social media material to provide fresh value to your viewers.

The following advantages come from repurposing content:

  • It saves both time and money.
  • Appeals to a variety of readers who may like the new medium
  • Repackaging and reposting your content brings new eyeballs to it.
  • Provides a unique perspective that can bring value
  • Important information is conveyed

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Instagram Guides, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have any previous posts that might lend themselves well to a series or compilation?
  • What functions do my posts or goods service, and how can I emphasize those functions by grouping specific articles or things together?
  • Which blogs or items will make the most contribution to this guide?
  • Is there any community content or user-generated content (UGC) that might be useful to my audience if curated, categorized, and complemented with my commentary?
  • How can I convey the aim of the guide in an exciting way using the title and cover image?

Instagram Guides may provide significant value if used strategically as part of your social media marketing and overall content strategy.

How to Create an Instagram Guide

Are you interested in publishing Instagram Guides? Follow these steps to learn how to develop an Instagram guide:

  • Navigate to your profile and click the + button in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Guide” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the sort of guide you want to create.
  • Choose the information you wish to include in your guide.
  • Fill in the blanks with your title, cover photo, and description.
  • Give each post a title and, if desired, some remarks.
  • Share your profile’s guide!

You may have noticed that step three instructs you to pick the sort of guide you want to make, and your choice will influence how you select the material to include. Instagram Guides can be of three types:

  1. Posting Guidelines

Create a Posts Guide if you wish to share a collection of posts!

When you choose to make a Posts Guide, you may select any posts you’ve shared or saved from other public accounts.

  1. Location Guides

Create a Places Guide if you want to direct your followers to a collection of locations.

When creating this sort of Instagram Guide, you’ll look for posts that mention a certain region and choose which ones to include.

  1. Product Guides

Create an Items Guide if you want to emphasize specific products.

When making this sort of Instagram Guide, you will choose the goods from your business to promote. When you select a product, Instagram will offer you to select one or more posts to showcase alongside that product in your guide.

How to Make Your Instagram Guides More Accessible

You may have seen in that walkthrough that Instagram Guides post immediately to your profile. How can you boost their visibility in order to achieve better results? Consider the following suggestions:

Please provide your story’s guidance.

  • Make your guide shareable by using an attention-grabbing hook.
  • Make certain that your guide provides a purpose.
  • Cooperate with others.

Collaboration with others might involve the following:

  • Sharing influencer content
  • Putting UGC together
  • highlighting non-competitor brand-related items.

When working with others, you may tag them in your guide. Then, if all companies give the instructions, you all significantly expand your reach.

Kreationsites may help you improve your Instagram marketing approach.

Instagram Guides are a sort of social media material that is underutilized yet important that you can use to boost your social media marketing approach. But we understand how difficult it can be to manage all of your social channels while also keeping up with the rapid addition of new features and content kinds.

Turn to a results-driven social media marketing agency to relieve you of the load. When you entrust our Instagram experts with your social media strategy, you can concentrate on operating your business and closing sales.

Across different digital marketing methods, our team of 100+ digital marketing specialists has authored 165,000 social posts and generated 7.8 million leads for our customers. Learn how our social media marketing services may achieve the same for your company!


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