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Does PRP Work Effectively For Hair Loss?

Physicians recommend the use of Platelet-rich Plasma to escalate the healing process in the body. Plasma has millions of growth factors that nourish the body cells to make healing faster. So, the technique is also used in restoring hair growth. People who are suffering from androgenic alopecia are the ideal candidate for this treatment. Both men and women can undergo PRP for hair loss since it works for both hairlines equally. Actually, the plasma works by activating the hair follicles for the growth of hairs faster. However, the evidence of this treatment is backed up by research. But still, people have doubts about whether this treatment is effective or not? So this post is meant for making this doubt clear.

What is Platelet-rich Plasma?

You will better understand the importance of PRP once you are aware of how platelets work in the healing process. Platelets are founded on red and white blood cells. They act for the healing process of the body when a cut or wound sustains. Platelets have a major role in stopping the blood and healing the wound. So, the use of platelets is also greater in hair loss treatment. You can have quicker growth of hairs as the platelet-rich plasma will heal the affected follicles. It will enhance the blood circulation in hair follicles to prevent shrinking. So, if you have thin hairs on the scalp, then this treatment can augment the growth of hairs. You can get thicker and fuller hairs with this treatment.

Is it really effective hair loss treatment?

As mentioned earlier, PRP for hair loss has research-based evidence for its effectiveness. A panel of researchers has carried out systematic research on this treatment. They have also included more than 200 candidates in the research who have undergone this procedure. Also, they all stated that the results of this treatment are effective since they have noticed reduced hair loss. Moreover, they have also shown the growth of new hairs after getting the treatment—the injections of PRP help in increasing the density and diameter of the hairs. Besides, the treatment is really safe as it uses the own blood cells of the patients. So, the effectiveness, safety, and reliability of PRP are praiseworthy and helpful in treating androgenic alopecia.

How long does PRP sustain?

You must understand that this is not a treatment for the cause of hair loss. But, it treats the condition caused by the hair loss problem, which is hair thinning. The hair thinning could be severe that it will make the scalp visible. So, PRP for hair loss can enhance the density of hairs to regenerate the natural thickness of hairs. So, you might need to have this treatment once in a period of 6 to 12 months to maintain hair growth. You can get it done by an expert hair surgeon who can provide you with the right PRP dose. You can have natural-looking hairs that can improve your baldness.

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery with PRP is quicker as you will only experience mild pain on the injection sites. Some swelling might also appear in the area of treatment. But, you can recover from these symptoms in a few days. So overall, this is a safer treatment.

To sum up

PRP for hair loss is an effective treatment, without any doubt. This can lead to the regeneration of hairs by strengthening the hair follicles. You can get this treatment without undergoing any surgical procedure. The surgeon will draw your blood to extract the plasma and insert it into the scalp. You will see the noticeable results after a few months of the treatment in full. However, you must consult with the surgeon before getting this treatment.

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