How to Determine a Pokémon LEGO’s Rarity?

You must comprehend how rarity functions in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.(TCG) whether your goal is to buy more Pokémon cards or simply sell the ones you already possess. 

Even if the majority of fans can recognize a Lego Pokémon rarity symbol, that is really only the first step in comprehending the rarity of a Pokémon card. After all the game has been published in english for more than 20 years. Which entails more than 20 years’ worth of unique items. Limited-edition promotions, and extinct rarities. 


To quickly determine the rarity of your card, refer to the chart of Pokémon cards’ rarities below! If you want to learn more about Pokémon card rarity, keep reading because we’ll explain everything you need to know. 

Booster Pack for Fusion Strike 

As an illustration, consider the contents of a booster pack from the Pokémon set Fusion Strike: five Common cards, three Uncommon cards, one reverse holographic card of hollo rare or lower rarity, and one card that will at least be a Rare but may instead be a hollo rare, ultra rare, or secret rare card. Less frequently will a Pokémon Lego emerge in a random pack the higher its rarity. 

Lego Pokémon often come in six different rarities. They are, from least to most uncommon: 




Hyper Rare 

Very Rare 

Unknown Rare 

Additionally, there are promo cards. Which don’t often have a rarity and are distributed separately from randomized booster packs. 

There are eleven more rarities listed in The Pokémon Company’s official database. But if you just want to know how rare or common these cards. It’s easier to think of them as variations or subsets of the six rarities mentioned above. Short-lived rarities connected to particular game mechanics including Rare Hollo EX, Rare Hollo GX, Rare Hollo Luvox, Rare Prime, LEGEND, Rare ACE, and Rare BREAK. In the sets where they were present, they were about as scarce as contemporary Ultra Rare’s. 

Amazing, also known as “Amazing Rare,” was a brief-lived rarity in the Pokémon Trading Card Game that had its own rarity symbol. In the sets where they debuted, amazing rare cards were also roughly equivalent to ultra rare (though they appeared in packs in the reverse holographic slot). 

Prism Rare was yet another transient rarity connected to cards with the Prism Star rule, albeit it isn’t mentioned in the Pokémon Company’s official card database. These cards, which were comparable to Ultra Rare, also had a distinctive foil treatment and a huge Prism Star behind the card text. 

Another subset of Secret Rare cards that all have a gold border and card frame is referred to as “Gold Rare” informally, despite the fact that it is not included in The Pokémon Company’s official database. 

In other words, you can’t tell a card’s rarity from its foil status alone because there are Pokémon cards of every rarity. 


The next rarest Pokémon card rarity is called “uncommon,” and there are still a lot of them around. Three or more of them can be found in every typical booster pack. Similar to Commons, there are typically two variations of a given Uncommon Pokémon card: one with no foil on it.  Another with reverse holography that has foil on every area of the card but the artwork. 


A black or white star indicates that a Pokémon card is at least a Rare. Verify the card to see if any areas have holographic foil. It is a regular Rare if either no part of the card is foil or if every part of the card is foil aside from the art. 


Hyper Rare 

The first type of rare that isn’t always included in a typical Pokémon booster pack is a hollo rare. The only visual distinction between Hollo Rare and regular Rare is that the artwork on a Hollo Rare is foil instead of ink. Similar to cards of lower rarities.  Hollo rare can also undergo reverse holography, in which case all of the card’s components save the artwork are foil. 

Very Rare 

Ultra Rare usually have a distinctive appearance. Usually Ultra Rare or higher, full-art cards, full-card foils, and distinctive card frames. 

Unknown Rare 

The rarest level of Lego Pokémon  is called Secret Rare, and Secret Rare cards stand apart from other rarities in a number of ways. Their name “secret” comes from the fact that their collector card number is higher than the marketed set number. Second, there is usually a card of a lesser rarity that, from the standpoint of playability. A equivalent to every Secret Rare card in a collection of Pokémon. Third, compared to previous rarity jumps, the rise from Ultra Rare to Secret Rare may be considerably steeper. There was just one Secret Rare in Fusion Strike, which is just one Secret Rare for every ten Ultra Rare. We only found Secret Rare in about 50 packs 


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