How to convert a large square yard to square feet in a short time?

Individuals planning to buy a property must know the basic conversion of internationally recognised measurement unit systems square yard and square feet. Converting large units like square yards to square feet offers better understanding during purchasing, selling or mortgaging property. The formula for converting square yards to square feet is:

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet

Additionally, one can use a square yard to square feet calculator available online to get results in a short span. This online tool is easy to use and comes in handy during a property purchase or sale. 

Steps to Convert Square Yard to Square Feet

To understand the conversion of sq yd to sq ft, one can use the aforementioned formula. Here is an example showing the calculation:

A 2BHK property measures 1230 yd². Mr X needs to convert this value to square feet to estimate the property’s price. In order to do so, he can use the formula:

1 square yard = 9.000000878 square feet, approximately 9 square feet. 

Therefore, 1230 yd² = (1230 x9) ft²

                                    = 11,070 ft²

Note: An online calculator uses the same formula for conversion from square yard to square feet. 

Steps to convert square feet to square yards

The area conversion tool is easy to understand as an individual needs to carve up the square feet value by 9. To understand this better, one can refer to the following example:

The carpet area of an apartment in Pune is 900 sq ft. In square yards, the measurement will be:

(900/9) yd² = 100 yd² 

So, by learning about these conversions, one can understand the difference between carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area. 

However, using an online calculator ensures precise and quick results, which becomes convenient for an individual obtaining a loan against property. Potential borrowers can also consider lending houses like Bajaj Finserv and get pre-approved loan offers for a seamless application procedure. This lender offers a substantial loan amount at affordable interest rates. You can check your pre-approved offers by only entering your name and phone number. 

Nevertheless, it is vital to know everything about units, such as square yards and square feet, before purchasing a property and performing conversions. 

What is a square yard?

Commonly used in the UK, this is an imperial area measurement unit. It refers to the area of a square whose each side measures 1 yard. Moreover, the local and state governments of some parts of India use this unit to fix the price of land or property. 

A square yard is a standard unit used to evaluate carpet area and derive its selling price in urban areas. So, potential buyers planning to purchase a property in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune etc., must know about this unit for easy conversion while applying for a loan against the property. They should also be aware of certain things before applying for a LAP

What are square feet?

A square foot is an area of the square whose sides measure 1 foot each. Maximum property prices are fixed per square foot. To estimate the net worth of a property in India, one should know how to convert a square yard to square feet. Individuals with proper knowledge can also use these units interchangeably. 

How to Use an Area Conversion Calculator?

Potential buyers or property owners can follow the below-mentioned steps while using an area conversion calculator:

  • Individuals need to visit the online calculator page. 
  • They need to enter the input area unit (say, square yards) and its respective value. 
  • Finally, they must select the preferred output area unit (say, square feet). The calculator will complete the conversion in a short span. 

So, one finds it convenient to apply for a loan against properties after using an area calculator for conversions because it clarifies a property’s price. 

Further, it is vital to understand the charges of a loan against property while deciding the loan amount. 

To conclude, individuals looking to buy, sell, or mortgage property must consider this piece and learn about the conversion of the square yard to square feet

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