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Histrionic Personality Disorder: Know More About HPD

Overview of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Individuals with Histrionic personality disorder are often anxious, uncomfortable in social settings, and often feel belittled by others. They have distorted images of themselves in their heads, which causes them to over-dramatize their behavior in front of others.

Individuals with this behavioral health disorder are unusually animated, display shallowness of emotions, and tend to over-dramatize behaviors. This can manifest as exaggerated anger, sadness, shock, or happiness. 

As per a review led by the National Epidemiologic on Alcoholism and Related Conditions in 2001-2002, Histrionic personality disorder influences 1.84 percent of individuals.

Identifying Histrionic Personality Disorder


A Histrionic personality disorder does not usually lead to psychological instability and impairment. Individuals with HPD function well in society and at work and often exhibit a creative mind and inventiveness, but they may struggle to think rationally. 

Individuals with HPD show at least five of the manifestations listed beneath, as indicated by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (fifth version).

  • They feel uncomfortable when others ignore and neglect them.
  • Show unseemly practices by dressing improperly and acting provocatively. 
  • Display overstates feelings and disgraces others, with no sympathy toward others. 
  • To obtain appreciation, they enhance their physical appearance.
  • By displaying shallow emotions, they can quickly shift from one emotion to the next.
  • Others handily influenced them, and they frantically desire approval.
  • Have no patience for criticism and are touchy to disapproval. 
  • Settle on hurried choices and never contemplate doing. 
  • Lack sufficient details and talk impressionistically. 
  • Bored quickly and abandoned projects halfway through.
  • They desire a deeper level of intimacy in their relationships than they already have.
  • To garner attention, they make threats or try suicide.

Furthermore, this personality disorder symptoms might lead a person to be significantly impaired or distressed.

HPD‘s Causes

There is much debate about what causes Histrionic personality disorder in an individual. However, here are some possible etiological factors:

Genetics and Histrionic Personality Disorder

Genetics may have a role in HPD because psychiatric illnesses run in families. Before making a diagnosis, it’s a good idea to get a family history of mental diseases, personality disorders, and substance misuse problems, as these are all more likely to be linked to this psychological disorder

HPD and Trauma

Individuals, who have experienced traumas, attempt to manage their pain in a variety of ways, one of which may be the shallow emotions and dramatic behavior of this personality disorder

Parents with Histrionic Personality Disorder

Parents with this psychiatric issue led their children to develop HPD because of their turbulent, impulsive, and theatrical actions. It is additionally conceivable that an absence of discipline or encouraging feedback of emotional practices in children can cause HPD

A youngster with Histrionic personality disorder engages in all activities in a way to lure their parents’ recognition.

The Diagnosis of Histrionic Personality Disorder

If your physician suspects you have Histrionic personality disorder, they will do a thorough medical and psychiatric history evaluation. When they discover certain physical symptoms, they recommend you undergo neuroimaging testing and other blood tests to rule out medical conditions that could cause these symptoms.

If there are no clinical signs of a medical condition, clinicians may refer patients to psychiatrists or therapists who are licensed in mental health care. Psychiatrists are trained and certified to treat psychological diseases, and they will ask several questions to examine you and to acquire a clear picture of your condition. 

Some patients with HPD are apprehensive about receiving treatment or therapy, making diagnosis even more challenging.

HPD Management

It is difficult to treat, since those who suffer from it believe they do not require treatment. They overdramatize actions and demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm in therapy, making treatment even more challenging. In contrast, both counseling and medication are available to treat HPD.


Psychotherapy is a recommended treatment for Histrionic personality disorder. It is a successful method of treating personality disorders. 

A person can communicate the feelings and experiences that are producing the issue with a therapist through psychotherapy. Therapists can gain insight into what tactics should help you feel better by sharing or talking about your issues.


Your healthcare provider might recommend antidepressants or antianxiety drugs if you foster wretchedness or uneasiness because of your Histrionic personality disorder.

Although this disorder is a complicated psychiatric condition, people with HPD live healthy lives and contribute to society. 

Because of intimacy difficulties, several people find it difficult to continue their relationships. Try to find some stability in your life if you consider yourself quite adventurous.

It may be worthwhile to reconsider your life and work, which you enjoy, if you cannot stick to a specific job. If you have HPD, you are at an increased risk of getting into depression because of rejection or failure. If Histrionic personality disorder symptoms are interfering with your daily activities, talk to your psychiatrist.

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