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Care Social Services

Various public services collectively referred to as “Care social services” are meant to serve and aid specific populations, frequently including the underprivileged. Social services are employed to meet a society’s many needs. Before the industrial revolution, for-profit organizations and charitable organizations tended to offer the bulk of social services, which limited their accessibility.

Governmental social care delivery is correlated with a commitment to democratic ideals, universal human rights, and enduring religious and cultural values. Social service accessibility and coverage vary widely amongst civilizations. Families and people with disabilities are the key population segments that social services are focused on. Public education, welfare, infrastructure, mail, social work, food banks, universal health care, police, fire services, public transit, and public housing are just a few examples of the buildings and services that make up social services.


The most crucial aspects of social services include those related to education, health care, housing efforts, and transportation. Social services can be provided on a group or individual basis.

This implies that they may be used to help the community as a whole or they can be used especially to meet an individual’s needs like foster homes. For the delivery of social services, many techniques are applied. These models include, among others:

  • The family care model is prevalent throughout the Mediterranean region and depends on the assistance of people and families. who frequently collaborate with clergy, as well as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) like the Red Cross.
  • The government offers aid, but it also uses strict rules and checks to decide who is eligible for social services.


Early developments

In Europe, social service development considerably accelerated in the latter two decades of the nineteenth century. Several elements had a role in the growth of social services throughout this time.

Europe (1833–1914)

As nations continued to industrialize in the nineteenth century, the scope of social services in the form of labor plans and compensation increased. Following the passage of the 1833 Factory Act in British law, social service growth started. The law restricted the age at which children might start working, prohibiting those under the age of nine from doing so.

The act was also the first piece of law in Britain to make attendance at school a requirement. Switzerland’s enactment of the Factory Act in 1877 was another crucial step in the development of social services. The Factory Act established work-hour restrictions, offered maternity benefits, and protected children and young people from harm at work. Otto von Bismarck also enacted a significant quantity of social welfare laws during this time in Germany.


Quality of life

According to an OECD assessment from 2011 Portugal, and Hungary had the lowest scores. In contrast, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, and Italy scored poorly on measures of social service satisfaction and had low levels of happiness, leading some sociologists to claim that there is a significant link between happiness and social services.

Health services

The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that one of the most important factors in maintaining their health. According to OECD research, providing universal health care has a profoundly positive impact on society. This includes a positive association between life expectancy with the availability of healthcare services.

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