Grab The Attention of Your Clients with ICB’s Custom Vape Boxes

Vape pens are slim electronic devices designed to use cannabis vape juices, distillates, oils, or other substances. The name”vape Boxes” describes them due to their elegant appearance, like an old-fashioned pen. The devices consist of a battery and a cartridge. Which can be filled up or replaced by a fresh one after empty.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vape pens can heat the contents inside the cartridge. At a level that doesn’t trigger combustion. Instead, they release evaporation instead of smoke. The vapor is breathed in through the user. Because there isn’t any combustion, there are no carcinogens released, and the users inhale no vapors. Therefore, Vaping is considered a fairly safe and healthier alternative to traditional smoking. But, further research is needed on the subject.

In addition to being a healthier or less harmful alternative, the main reason is. That vape pens are growing in popularity is that they mix design and desire. They’re not there to meet the desire to smoke or vape. But also as a method to show one’s style. A sleek and stylish sleek vape pen is stylish when you hold it between your two fingers. It’s not the only thing. The packaging with these pens is designed with the style and fashion-conscious of the buyer. A stylish vape pen packaging adds a touch of class to vaping.

Wholesale pen packaging companies present today offer custom boxes that are attractive and appealing. One reason for such a high amount of attention paid to packaging is the increase in competition. Hundreds of brands offer Vape Boxes with similar specifications. Especially in light of the recent explosion of cannabis. To stand out on a retailer’s shelves, manufacturers must create something. That attracts attention as well. Therefore, well-designed custom vape packaging is an excellent marketing tool.

Get Free and Fabulous Design Support:

As trendy, timeless, and fashionable do vape Boxes appearances, as should their packaging. ICB has the latest styles for vape boxes that are custom designed. Please select various styles from our catalog of designs and we will modify them. To your personal preferences to make something unique and elegant.

Our well-experienced and energetic team of graphic designers ensures that. The element of novelty is evident in your designs. Whether you are looking for elegant sleeve boxes or simple tuck-end boxes. They have hanging tabs or gift boxes with special design features. We have everything you need available. Include a die-cut window to help make the slim pen visible to your customer. Or opt for transparent child-proof packaging. We don’t charge anything for the die or plate. Perforation, scoring, and gluing are among the other possible options. Furthermore, the precision of both size and shape distinguishes us from our rivals. In addition, we offer all the design advice without any more cost. Get professional design help.

Choose from a Variety of Finishing Options:

Vape Boxes are not finished or even usable until it’s finished. The final coat for retail custom boxes is necessary for the packaging. It does not just add to the current capability and lavish design, but it also gives the boxes extra protection. The final touch ensures that the text is secure and the boxes don’t break off easily. So, This gives your boxes that stylish look that customers and you both want. Therefore, it’s essential for the best possible box opening experience.

At ICB, We have a myriad of coating options that you can select from. A gloss finish is available in various colors, matte finish without. Or with texture glass semi-gloss AQ, matte UV, and gloss UV. Additionally, the logo’s silver or gold foiling provides the logo with a more elegant look. And provides your brand with an easily identifiable image. Make a second step and make your logo embossed or debossed onto the packaging of your vape Boxes. I.e., Press it or raise it to create an impression on the customer’s mind. These extra features do not just assist a business to earn customers but also keep the customers.

Get a Free Mock-Up:

It is said that a photograph speaks thousands of words. However much we promise you our commitment to excellence, it’s useless until we can demonstrate the quality. So, This is why we provide a no-cost flat or 3D mock-up. It’s a testament to our work’s quality to you. And an opportunity to make any adjustments to the design. And print before placing an order for a bulk quantity. In addition, you can purchase a physical copy. This will allow you to experience the experience of opening the box before the customer is given it. The actual sample can test the accuracy of shape, size, and shape. It is possible to put the item into the container and check how it will fit into it. Additionally, it allows you to experience the Custom Packaging Boxes surface and can also help you make the final adjustments, if necessary.

Enjoy Quick Turnaround and Free Shipping:

ICB is proud to offer the fastest turnaround time. After receiving your order, it will not take longer than seven days to get it delivered to your step. The average turnaround time is between 4 and 7 days. Furthermore, you can make an urgent order and have it shipped in fewer days without compromising the standard. Furthermore, we provide free shipping throughout the nation. ICB covers the shipping costs on behalf of the customer. Free design consultation, free shipping, and affordable costs allow retailers. To sell boxes at lower prices since they’re saving much on costs. Low prices give them a more chance of being competitive in the marketplace.

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