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Google Pixel Watch: Rumors and Design Leaks

Rumors and Design Leaks of Google Pixel

Insiders speculate that the long-awaited Google Watch will launch in 2022. Recently, what is speculated to be the Google Pixel Watch, was left at a restaurant in the United States.

An unidentified individual took images of the watch and shared them with Android Central. Although there is not confirmation on whether the device left at the restaurant was the Google watch, the design seemed to match many of the speculated rumors regarding the Google Watch.

Additionally, when the source turned on the watch, the watch flashed the familiar Google “G,” but it immediately turned off after.

This isn’t the first time a device was accidentally left in a public place before the release. In 2010, the iPhone 4 made its debut into the world when the prototype was left at a bar.

Accidents happen all the time, and lucky for consumers, that accident benefits us.

In today’s Tech Tuesday, we are going to look at the rumors and speculations for the Google Pixel Watch as well as some of the leaked image designs.

Google Pixel Watch Design


The first images of the Google Pixel watch have leaked. The leaked images show the Google Pixel Watch has a traditional round shape with waterfall edges.

On the right side of the watch there is a digital crown that will allegedly have control functions, similar to the digital crown on the Apple Watch 7.

Based on the leaked images, the watch has two additional buttons under the metal bands. These additional buttons could mean that users won’t always have to use touch controls to operate the device.

The unknown source commented that the back of the watch “looks metallic, but feels like it is covered in glass.” There also appears to be a heart rate monitor on the back of the device.

As for the band of the watch, it looks like Google will use a proprietary connecting method. This means that only specified bands will connect to the Google Pixel Watch.

From Google’s perspective, this increases their revenue; however, as a consumer, you won’t be able to buy just any band for your Google Pixel Watch. Sources say that there will be about 20 strap options to choose from.

Watch Features

Although it is unsure what features the Google Pixel Watch will have, there are some speculations as to what consumers should expect.

As seen in most smartwatches and devices, the watch will support alerts for events, texts, and calls. Google Assistant will also be available, allowing you to speak to your watch to set alarms, send texts, google questions, etc.

As seen in the images, it looks like Google has a heart rate monitor on the back of the watch that will track users’ heart rates. Blood glucose monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring are a few other features consumers would like to see.

Insiders can’t confirm, however, that those watch features will be added until the watch is released. The Google Pixel Watch will also have a Google Pay option. This will allow users to use Google’s payment platform to make safer and more efficient purchases.

Tracking workouts is also a big component of smartwatches. Whether it’s seeing how many steps you got in a day or how far you rode your bike, having the ability to track and monitor your health is important.

Google will provide users with the ability to track workouts as most watches do; however, insiders speculate that the watch will integrate with Google Maps to track routes.

Not only will Google Maps track your route, but users can also use Google navigation services on the watch as well. When users are driving, instead of looking at their phone, they can glance at their watch to see the navigation directions.


There are not many insights into what kind of specs to expect for the Google Pixel Watch as there have not been many insider leaks.

The image leaks of the watch show that the watch has a circular face and is bezel-free providing a sleek look.

According to, insiders speculate the Google Pixel Watch will come with 32GB which is the same storage space as the Apple Watch 7; however, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 only has 16GB.

Although we don’t know the size of the watch exactly, there has been a photo of the alleged Google Pixel Watch.


Google has its May Google I/O event on May 11th. Insiders speculate that Google will announce the Google Pixel Watch; however, rumors suggest the watch may not be available until October.

Android Central suggests that the watch will come in 3 colors: gray, black, and gold.

Rumors suggest the watch will be between $200 to $400, which is the typical price range of a smartwatch. The information in this blog is based on leaks and rumors from insiders meaning the information is subject to change.

As more information becomes unveiled about the Google Pixel Watch, continue to check out our Tech Tuesday as we will update you with any information you need to know.

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