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All You Need to Know About Cotton & Wool Futon Mattresses

In the early 1900s, cotton & wool futon mattresses were invented in Japan to help people who used to sleep on the floor. The concept of the futon mattress was first designed to create a setup that can be used as a sofa as well as a mattress. This invention allowed saving space because you can fit this thin compact mattress almost anywhere in the house.

As the concept of futons became popular many types and sizes of futons were designed. Therefore, today you have different options to select from. Check how you can decide.

What is a Cotton & Wool Futon Mattress?

A cotton & wool futon mattress is a flexible mattress that can be converted into a couch and a bed. For this reason, many people with compact spaces use futon mattresses, which can be folded during the day and converted into sitting as required. When you need to sleep, you can open the mattress and use it as a bed.

This mattress is a combination of both, which is also why it has many applications. For example, people use futon mattresses for the guest room to save space or use it as an extra bed when there’s a need.

Types of Cotton & Wool Futon Mattress

There are several types of cotton & wool futon mattresses available in the market. Check out the features below:


A traditional futon is a thin foldable wool or cotton mattress that can be folded and opened as you like. These mattresses don’t have springs or bed bases that can be extended, as per your comfort.

However, this doesn’t mean that traditional futons are not comfortable. A cotton & wool futon mattress has many padding layers that help you comfortably sleep on it.


Western futon mattresses have a cotton or wool mattress on the top with a metal or wooden frame. This frame can be extended and used as a sofa. These are more supportive and comfortable in comparison to traditional futons.


The last option is a folding futon that can be folded and opened without any hassle. These are thin mattresses prepared with foam, cotton, or latex material. This is perfect for settings when you need a futon for temporary or occasional use. The comfort and support are not as good as a western and traditional futon.

Different Sizes of Futon

A cotton & wool futon is available in many sizes, similar to traditional beds with frames:

  • A twin-size mattress, which is around 99 x 190 cm. This is the smallest arrangement of all.

  • A full-size mattress, which is about 137 x 190 cm. It is similar to a standard bed.

  • A queen-size mattress, which is around 152, 203 cm. It is a good size for a family and the biggest one on the list.

Things to Consider When Buying Cotton & Wool Futon Mattress

If you are convinced that a cotton & wool futon can serve your purpose, here are some things to consider when purchasing a futon:

  • Firstly, select the type of frame you need for your mattress. For example, you have a folding mattress, which is complete in itself, and you don’t need other furniture for it. But, you also have the option of a futon with a frame that is separate from the mattress. So, consider every option, including factors like height, comfort, durability, etc., and then select what type of frame you need, whether wooden, metal, or no frame at all.

  • After this, look at the mattress type. This can be a folding mattress, a Japanese-style futon, or a western futon with multiple designs and look options. With the frame, you may decide the type of mattress you need, but there are further options for designs and styles.

  • Select the size of bed you need. If you are a couple, then a queen-size or full-size bed may be perfect for you. But, if you are single, you can also use a twin-size bed. Depending on the space you need on your bed, you should select the right dimensions for your futon. Also, remember that every company and manufacturer may have different standard sizes, so check before purchasing.

  • Futon mattresses are prepared with different materials, such as wool, cotton, latex, foam, etc. Ideally, as long as these materials are natural, you will find some benefits in using any material. Synthetic material is not worth it since it radiates fumes and puts your health at risk.
  • Lastly, look at your budget for all of the things we have discussed above. Usually, futons are affordable when compared to traditional beds. You can move things a bit to make them fit your budget.


Cotton & wool futon mattresses are a viable and flexible option for your bedroom, guest bedroom, or hall. If you purchase a natural cotton & wool futon mattress, you may receive the additional benefits of this comfortable and cozy material. But, before making a purchase, know the reason for buying a futon mattress and then select the size, type, material, and frame.

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