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External Cephalic Version

Cephalic Version

External cephalic version or ECV is a process by which the obstetricians try to turn the position of a baby from hips or feet down into head down. Sometimes the attempts are successful. To help someone with single pregnancy to enable vaginal delivery, doctors may recommend ECV if she has breech pregnancy just before her labor and childbirth. If a baby remains slide-lying or transverse, experts will try the baby to turn into a head-down position through ECV.

Who Can Have an ECV?

If you have the right amount of amniotic fluids with a healthy and normal pregnancy, then you can have an ECV in need unless you have some conditions. In case you require a cesarean or if you have a complicated pregnancy, you should not have an ECV. You cannot take the process within 1 week of your vaginal bleeding. Having placenta praevia, diabetes, high blood pressure, twins, triplets, and unusual shape of uterus means you should not go through ECV. If the baby inside you is not well or if he/she does not have a normal heart rate, ECV is not advisable. Whatever the condition of you or your baby, you must discuss it with your doctor before you have an external cephalic version.

The Procedure of Executing External Cephalic Version

An obstetrician or health professional expert in obstetrics will put his/her hands on your abdomen to turn your baby into a head-down position. A cardiotocography machine will monitor your baby for almost half an hour before starting the method. To relax your uterus, a nurse will insert a needle into a vein of your hand for pushing medication according to the direction of the doctor. Then, the obstetrician will perform an ultrasound scan to become sure about the position of the baby. These things can happen to surrogate mother or mamma surrogata.

After scanning, he/she will start pressing by his/her hands securely and firmly on your abdomen that may last for a few minutes, which you may feel uncomfortable or comfortable with. The obstetrician might do it taking another one like him/her, and they may need to attempt again in case of the unsuccessful first attempt. Lastly, the cardiotocography machine will monitor your baby again for almost half an hour to be sure that your baby is well before you leave the clinic or hospital. The entire process may take around three hours to complete.

Selecting the Place for ECV

When selecting the place for ECV concerns, first be sure that there is an experienced obstetrician expert in ECV. Second, you should also choose a hospital where there are facilities for an emergency c-section. Though the case of going into labor or emergency cesarean is extremely rare among pregnant women, it will not be wise for you to take any unnecessary risk.

Will ECV Work for You?

In most cases, ECV works. But there are always exceptions. If it works, there is a little chance that the baby will again turn to its previous position. The process increases the possibility of vaginal birth of pregnant women. In case the process does not work for you once, it may work in the next attempt, depending on the type of breach position of your baby and your medical condition. Whether you are a surrogate mother and having these issues, you need to contract to the leihmutter agentur or surrogacy agency.

Bleeding during having a version is rare, which could mix the blood of the mother with the blood of the baby. The external cephalic version is not the latest invention of modern medical science, and obstetricians have been practicing it with successful results for a long time. You can easily depend on this method. Moving hands firmly on your abdomen by one or two obstetricians is most likely to change the position of your baby which will help you have comfortable labor and successful delivery.

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