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Double Decker Bed: Is It Safe For Children?

At Lenchong , they value your safety. Our products are built to satisfy both national and international safety requirements, such as CPSC and ASTM. Their furniture are built with your family’s safety in mind, from design to production. We’ve already discussed double decker bed safety, but we wanted to go further this time to find how safe double decker beds really are.


Before the Center for Injury Study and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, there had been no substantial research on bunk bed safety. From 1990 to 2005, there is an estimation 572,580 double decker bed-relating injuries among children aged 0 to 21. This evidence has led to several well-meaning but sometimes misleading articles regarding bunk bed safety. Taking a closer look at these figures reveals that bunk beds are safer than people imagine.


Some double decker bed safety articles simply divide the number of injuries by the study’s years. They calculate an annual average of 36,000 instances. But the issue is that bunk beds are being constructing with safety measures in mind, and that knowledge of double decker bed safety is growing. We can’t just average the statistics when there are fewer bunk bed injuries each year.


Another issue with many double decker bed safety articles is that they state that the 36,000 each year are all youngsters. But the research quoted encompasses ages 0 to 21. Half of the injuries in this research occurred in children ages 0 to 6. Most respectable double decker bed dealers indicate that the top double decker bed are not recommend for children under the age of 6. The survey indicated a significant frequency of injuries in the 18-21 age group. Children utilising bunk beds in college and the military, including occasional alcohol-related injuries. A fifth of the wounded youngsters are age 7 to 10. We recognise the need of taking care when your kid uses a double decker bed.


There are several well accepting methods for avoiding bunk bed accidents. Injuries are a major cause of death in the United States. Guardrails on all upper bunks are one of these solutions. The guardrails’ gaps are standby to prevent your child’s head and legs from getting stuck. Make sure there are no gaps between the mattress and the double decker bed structure.


Double decker bed safety is mostly a matter of education. Children should being advise of possible hazards. They should being teach about how to utilise the ladder to go up and down the bunk. There should be restrictions prohibiting roughhousing on the double decker bed and its usage as playground equipment.


Other safety ideas include placing a night light near the ladder so a youngster can see the rungs clearly at night. Keep the double decker bed free of hanging garments or towels that might cause strangling. Consider whether your kid often slips out of bed, sleep walks, or jumps on their present bed before buying a double decker bed.


Double decker beds are a great way to conserve space and kids enjoy them. While there are certain safety problems with a raised bed, the numbers frequently appear to misrepresent the risk. They are often a safe alternative for kids when they have protection rails and instructions surrounding the bunk bed. Bunk beds are not the menace some claim.


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