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Comparison of vinyl flooring vs. wood flooring!

Vinyl floorings made to look like wood flooring is a popular choice. Vinyl flooring incorporates wood images printed on PVC materials to replicate the look of natural solid wood flooring. Cheapest vinyl flooring is less price than concrete wood floors, but it offers less quality and durability over time.

Cost of Vinyl floorings vs. Hardwood Floors

One of the most familiar reasons people choose vinyl floorings over solid wood is because they are much cheaper than hardwood floors while mimicking the look of wood. Although the high-quality wide floor plan usually starts at $ 5 per square foot. And can go for $ 20 per square foot or more depending on your options, you can get vinyl floorings for as little as $ 4 per square foot depending on the quality of the material.

Appearance and Customization Options of vinyl flooring

Vinyl floorings is available in a design of shapes, finishes, and colors. They are also available in built-in and durable varieties and can be purchase whole or part. Comprehensive Plank Floor Supply offers a wide range of custom planks, making the options almost endless. You can choose your type, color, floor type, and finish. Manufacturers design floors specifically to suit the needs of each customer. So they do not have pre-made floorings packed in their warehouse.

Home Sales Value becomes increases with vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring usually includes the resale value of the house. While natural wood floors negatively contribute to the house’s resale price. According to the National Hardwood Floorings Association, real estate agents often say that compared with homes with other types of floorings, homes with vinyl flooring are easier to sell, sell faster, and sell for more money. However, they need more investment than vinyl flooring.

Maintenance of Vinyl flooring vs. Hardwood Flooring

Another con of natural hardwood floorings is that it needs regular repairs to maintain its appearance. They should also be repaired every few years. Vinyl floorings does not require the same level of care; as traditional cleaning. Although vinyl floorings does not require as much repair as wood floorings, it cannot be repair if damaged – just replaced. This is in stark contrast to the wooden floor, which can often be refined if minor repairs are required. If an intervening finish is used, the extra oil can be used to fix small buffs and scratches at the end.

Vinyl flooring Vs. Hardwood Floors: Which Is Best For You?     

The answer is yet simple to this question depends very much on your needs and what you want in your floorings. If you’re going to increase your home’s value, solid wood floors will require a significant starting investment but may pay off over time. However, if you need new, affordable flooring and are not looking to invest heavily, vinyl floorings may be the way to go. Keep in mind that some types of vinyl floorings can contain large amounts of VOC, so do your research to find a low-VOC kind of vinyl floorings. Although solid wood floors are more expensive than vinyl floors, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for – endless beauty, a possible increase in the resale value of your home, and durable floorings that can last for decades.

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