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Common Mistakes in Writing a CDR Report

Writing a CDR report is extremely demanding, and even a minor mistake can lead to rejection. Therefore, knowing the most common mistakes in writing a Competency Demonstration Report is a must for you.

The more clearly you know them, the much easier it will be for you to avoid them. Thus, you will write an exceptional, effective and flawless CDR that will guarantee you a successful assessment from Engineers Australia.  So, without wasting any time, let’s come straight to the point to know these mistakes.

Some common mistakes in a CDR leading to rejection:

Plagiarized content from the Internet:

Don’t take assessors lightly, as they have years of experience in assessing CDR reports. Moreover, they use advanced plagiarism detection tools to check for plagiarism. Engineers Australia doesn’t tolerate plagiarized content, so write only fresh and unique content. Apart from that, don’t copy from Internet sources.  Another thing you should keep in mind is that you can have a year’s suspension, which will cause problems for you to reappear.

Not paying heed to the structure and format of a CDR report:

Before writing a CDR, you must read MSA Booklet, mentioning the proper rules given by Engineers Australia. You can know all the criteria, format and structure to create an effective CDR.

So, use the right numbering for paragraphs like 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. You must also have three career episodes with a word and paragraph limit. Keep your CDR report between 1000 and 2500 words.

Trying to impress the assessment authority with exaggerated or false information: 

Don’t use false content like counterfeit projects, credentials, experience or any other type of fake information to impress the authority. It can lead to rejection.

In short, don’t use any facts that will cause you problems in backing up if EA questions you. Remember most CDRs face rejection due to mentioning fake projects. Besides that, include your position in the initiatives in which you took part. You should not use phrases like ‘we achieved’ or ‘we found’. Show your work, not your team’s.

Not using English:

You must write your CDR in Australian English. If your career episodes are in any other language, then translate them into English. If you don’t do so, then EA will not be able to analyse your CDR.  In case of having a poor command of English, take CDR help from a professional.

Grammatical mistakes:

Remember when you submit your CDR report to EA, it must sound formal and professional. Therefore, paying heed to CEs formatting, spellings, sentence flow and use of appropriate words is a must for you. So, take this advice seriously.

Too much technical information:

You can add technical data to your CDR report, and it is also good. However, too much technical information can spoil the quality of the report. You should write your CDR in a way that is easy and interesting to read. Therefore, avoid too much technical information.

Poor summary statement:

Remember that a CDR report has three main parts; a summary statement, three career episodes and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list. Each one of them is important.

The summary statement provides cross references for all career episodes. You can have an idea of its importance with the fact that it is the first page the assessors read. It shows how wee you analyze information, which can create a positive image of yours in their point of view.

Confusing CPD:

EA asks for a CPD for Migration Skilled Assessment. So, it is very important. A perfect CPD consists of:

Formal postgraduate study details

Conferences you attended

Internships or volunteer work

Workshops, short courses and seminars you attended

Your CPD must give necessary information such as title, date, duration, and venue of the training.

Why you should hire CDR writing professionals:

The following are the compelling reasons for hiring CDR report writers:

You will get a guarantee that your CDR will definitely be successful. It is because the professional writer must be aware of the EA guidelines and its expected standards. Besides that, they have excellent writing skills, experience in writing CDRs, advanced tools and support from experienced quality analysts.

Hiring them will provide you with free professional advice and guidance. This guidance will be given by your engineering field experts. They will let you know about the Australian engineering atmosphere to aid your preparation.

Round-the-clock services will always keep you positive. This service will allow to you talk to the agent anytime you feel nervous. Having this facility will also allow you to get rid of negative thoughts and daunting doubts.

The service provider will also give you a facility of unlimited free corrections. This facility will allow you to ask the writer to do edits ad changes to your CDR. You can do so as many times as you want. The writer will do so without asking you for an extra amount. It will also give you full satisfaction.

You will also get a money-back guarantee so that you can get your money back instantly. You can get your money back in two cases. The first one is if you have a negative assessment, and the second one is if having late delivery.  This way, you don’t need to be afraid of losing your hard-earned money.

You will also have direct compunction with the writer. Having this facility will make it possible for you to make your expectations and requests clear to the writer. When the writer becomes of them, it will be much easier for them to satisfy you. It will also leave no possibility for future conflicts between both of you.

If you need further information about a CDR report, contact us freely.


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