Candle Boxes – One of the keys to Custom Specifications

Candles are one of the most bought things in the world, which is a bit of a surprise. People usually use them for birthdays, religious events, funerals, and even to decorate. OXO Packaging is ready to give you beautiful and safe Packaging for a product that is so fragile. It’s easy to make different kinds of scented Candle Boxes because the raw materials are everywhere. Candle boxes are easy to make and trendy, which is why the business keeps growing.

Materials and Styles Exist in the World of Design

Our custom-printed Candle Boxes and custom candle packaging will help you represent your brand and the product and make it stand out from the crowd. We have a wide range of candle packaging boxes to keep your product safe and secure. The materials we use, the designs we make, and the styles we sell are all beautiful and affordable.

Rely on the Candle Packaging Company

You probably didn’t even notice that you were surrounded by candle packaging until we said it just now. Because it executes its function flawlessly and without fanfare, just like a candle, this is so significant to us. Candle Packaging has a variety of purposes beyond only protecting the goods from damage during delivery. It can assist preserve your candles from melting on the way home. And showcase your brand so customers can discover what else you offer if they like what they bought.

Candle Boxes

How Do We Work Together?-It’s that Easy!

Even more crucial to your success than the actual candle is the container in which it is held. To ensure that as many people as possible may enjoy your candles, we at the OXO packaging offer unique candle packaging for businesses like yours.

Eco-friendly material of Custom Candle Boxes

OXO packaging offers access to the materials you need to package your candles in rustic, eco-friendly, or beautifully glamorous ways. Select the packing materials, ribbons, and filler material that best fit your project’s needs. Also, you can look through our extensive collection of stunning designs for inspiration.

Custom Candle Boxes have become the favored method of presenting these irresistible gifts in the global marketplace. Thanks to the growing popularity of personalized and scented candles. Candle boxes and Display Boxes can be printed in various patterns and styles to suit the candle’s theme and are helpful marketing tools.

Fantastic One-stop Solution of Packaging

We are providing a fantastic one-stop solution from start to finish. In each candle box, you can count on high-quality printing, from sample printing to finishing that brings out your designs’ rich colors and cutting-edge techniques.


Safest Packaging Environment

To ensure the safety of your candles, we build each box with high-end features. With our Packaging, you can easily create the custom candle box of your dreams. Determine the dimensions of your custom Packaging based on the number of aromatherapy candles or votive you plan on stowing away. Breakage is virtually eliminate when transporting two to four jar candles in a single pack.

Contact us

Sniff-protective foil and a seal-end bottom design can be add to the box to prevent candles from falling out. To gain the confidence of your customers, work with our talented packaging professionals to create any design. In the process, you’ll rise to prominence in the decorative arts business. Get in touch with us immediately and tell us what you need so we can begin customizing immediately.

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OXO Packaging provides error-free Packaging and full-color printing services and free shipping within the United States. Candle Boxes Packing boxes in distinctive shapes, creative styles, and different layouts are available for wholesale.

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