Best Practices in Online Curriculum Development for higher education

“Online Learning is not the next big thing, it is the now best thing”


With citing the quote above, this blog has come up with the best practices for online curriculum development. So before opting for online curriculum development for your institution, scroll down to know the best ways to conduct curriculum development digitally!


The focal point of this blog will be

  • What is online curriculum development for higher education?
  • Best Practices in Online Curriculum Development for higher education.
  • Conclusion


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What is online curriculum development for higher education?

Switching from the traditional to online method has always been a challenge for educators and institutes. And to overcome such challenges we come up with the best and possible methods to bring ease in conducting anything, online.

Before looking into the methods, it is important to understand what is online curriculum development.

Online Curriculum Development refers to a digital shift of curriculum activities of creating, designing and planning a course by higher education institutes. Unlike the ‘four wall room’ method, the digital form is more challenging for both the instructors and educators and students.

Online Curriculum Development follows 5 major steps that are –

Analysis – Analysing Tasks

Design – Scheduling tasks and designing course.

Selecting – Choosing appropriate learning methods and tools for the students.

Formation – Forming curriculum implementation committee.

Review – Approval of the selected course and reviewing programs which has to be offered.


According to NCF 2005, (National Curriculum Framework), the major focus of curriculum should be to provide holistic development and approach of the students. Online Curriculum Development should enhance physical and mental development and emphasize interaction.

The parameters of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) will help you to overcome the challenges faced during the online curriculum process and for further information visit:

Best Practices in Online Curriculum Development For Higher Education-

Moving away from textbook centric learning, the online curriculum is chosen by several students every year. Higher Education institutes provide online courses and modules to the students and to avoid any halt and difficulties we have come up with 5 best practices in online curriculum development for Higher education!

  • Material Accumulation:

Taking a side step from wasting time on searching all sorts of materials online collating your materials will be a help. As a key to a successful project is a proper organisation, therefore collecting all your resources research taken handouts, syllabi, textbooks, exams, journals, quizzes and many such activities gathered together in a document will be beneficial.

  • Schedule-Centric:

Online Curriculum Development for higher education is different and difficult from the traditional method. So, a proper schedule for assessments and activities is needed in the tool. You need to set proper goals and time frames for each of the courses taught. This will help higher education students to understand and evaluate the learning outcomes.

  • Aligning your course modules:  

The content of the module should match the objective demanded. In online development, you must consider students’ expectations from the content of the course. Looking from students’ point of view will help you to put proper and informative content for students. The selection procedure plays a vital role therefore select what is to be included in the content. The selection of the content will be beneficial in aligning the clustered activities in course components and end up helping students meet their learning objectives.

To acquire this you must

  • Build conceptual framework.
  • Outline the course component and learning objective.
  • Analyse the course component and see whether it matches properly with the objective stated

The framework work should be in detailed form while conducting an online curriculum development program for the students to equip proper learning.

  • Involving Students Through Assessment Exercise :

Conducting an assessment exercise online will help you to know how much the students have grasped the concept of the course. Therefore interaction of students and instructors is necessary for the online method of the curriculum. The assessment helps to analyse their progress. The two forms of assessment that are summative assessment and formative assessment focus on evaluating and monitoring the learning outcomes throughout.

CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques) is a popular form that can be opted by your higher education institute which will help the students to clarify doubts before moving to the next module.

  • Multiple Accessibility :

Your delivery option of the course should be diversified and easily accessible to students’ tablets, PCs, smartphones, and laptops. Offer student options in delivery mode and you must re-check that the course uploaded is responsive on all devices.

To Conclude :

The focal point of online curriculum development of higher education is to provide the best online course and modules for higher education keeping in mind the students learning outcomes.

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