Best areas and hotels in Fez

Staying in Fez isn’t visiting be a headache for you. it’s the second tourist destination in Morocco. Many folks value more highly to go from Marrakech to Fez to urge to grasp both cities.

It offers accommodation for every kind of taste and budget. the foremost important thing is to settle on the realm. looking at the sort of trip you propose to try and do, one will suit you quite another.

During this post, we present the simplest areas and hotels to remain in Fez. We also leave you 30 things to try and do in Fez so you do not get bored.


Fez-el Bali, the simplest area to remain in Fez

This was the realm that we chose and therefore the one that the majority of people choose once they visit Fez . the world of ​​the Medina of Fes-El Bali, dating from the 8th century, is the oldest within the city and most of its attractions are concentrated there.

It’s also the realm with the biggest accommodation offer in Fez, so in Fez-el Bali you’ll find the simplest deals. don’t think that it’s a little area. Fez-el Bali has at the identical time 300 different neighborhoods and over 9,000 alleys.

This implies that it’s quite difficult to search out your way around, especially if you prefer to return to your accommodation during the hours of darkness.

So if you’re into partying, perhaps Fez-el Bali isn’t the most effective area for you. Several locals advised us against walking through Fez at awn. Well, being specific, we weren’t advised to run around any Medina in the dark.

Is traveling to Morocco safe?

Another thing to stay in mind is that if you choose to remain in Fez-el Bali you may sleep during a riad. We believe that’s what you must do. In the end, it’s an experience in itself: 

you’ll have already got the chance to sleep in hotels within the remainder of the globe. If you’re one in every of those that wish to dilapidate the hotel, it’s also important that you just know that the majority of restaurants don’t deliver reception within the Medina. Morocco private desert tours.

And if they are doing it, it’s with a reasonably high supplement because it’s usually very difficult to seek out the riad. Likewise, there are many tasty and cheap restaurants in Fez inside the medina. After this, we believe that Fez-el Bali is the best area to remain in Fes.

Another small inconvenience of staying within the medina is that it’s not accessible by car. Therefore, if you wish to form excursions you may need to walk to the closest exit of the medina.

There you’ll get into a taxi. We tell you the way to urge Meknes and the way to travel from Fez to Chefchaouen, two very cool destinations.

Best Lodges in Fes-el Bali:

  • Riyadh 53
  • Riad Al Makan
  • Palais Houyam

Sleep within the Ville Nouvelle, if you prioritize communication

And finally, we cannot skip the Ville Nouvelle, one in every of the simplest areas to remain in Fez. When visiting Fez or Marrakech, one tends to think that there’s no attraction beyond the Medina, which isn’t true.

The Ville Nouvelle de Fez is curious, basically because it’s nothing to try and do with the Medina. We are talking that the new city of Fez was inbuilt in the 20th century, while the medinas start thein  8th and 13th centuries, respectively.

A perfect option if you like to be connected

Sleeping within the medinas means having to steer to the riad because no vehicle with a motor can access it. That’s important, especially:

If you gain dawn or leave very early. We don’t recommend walking through the Medina in the dead of night.
Also if you intend to alter cities with the conveyance or visit Chefchaouen by bus. You may have the train and bus stations two steps away and you’ll be far better connected if you like to require a taxi.

The Ville Nouvelle is ideal to disconnect from tourism. There you may find interesting shopping centers like Borj Fez and multiple restaurant options. In contrast to the lodgings located within the Medina, within the Ville Nouvelle de Fez modern hotels predominate.

So if you do not desire to sleep in a very riad, international food is your thing and you wish to travel out, this can be the simplest area to remain in Fes. Sahara Merzouga tours.

Good accommodations within the Ville Nouvelle of Fez:

  • Fes Marriott Hotel Jnan Palace
  • Palais Medina & Spa
  • ibis Fes

Staying in Fes-el Jdid, an unusual alternative

The Medina of Fez-el Jdid isn’t as attractive as that of Fez-el Bali but it’s also very interesting. it’s the foremost modern Medina within the city, built around the 13th century, although there are no differences between the 2.

Well yes, within the new one there are fewer attractions and so, it’s a touch quieter to run around. Basically in El Jdid, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous Royal Palace and also the Jewish quarter of Mellah.

Apart from these two attractions, there’s not much else to spotlight. the reality is that there’s not much accommodation available within the area, so only a few people prefer to stay in El Jdid.

In general, it’s a chic area thanks to the limited supply available, so if you’re inquisitive about staying within the Medina, we advise you to try and do so in El Bali.

Recommended accommodation in Fez-El Jdid:

  • Riad de Charme
  • Lina’s Batha Apartment

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