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All About Kheerganga Weather


Kheerganga Trek is a village in the district Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in Parvati valley. Kheerganga is famous for its air beauty. The Nature of Kheerganga is so attractive. Nature lovers come to see their beauty. October to June is the best time to visit Kheerganga.   Some famous places are in Kheerganga Parvati valley, Kasol Temple,Chalal Trek Trail, Nature Park Kheerganga e.t.c. It is known as a very beautiful place. There are lots of mountains to climb. You can easily climb these mountains. It is a very attractive trek. Most of the people go there to visit the simplicity of this trek.   It is one of the most shining treks in Himachal Pradesh. lies in Parvati valley. It is a very beautiful place to enjoy your journey and make your journey memorable.

Best Time To Visit This Trek

 The perfect time to visit this place is between March to June. In this time period you can enjoy lots here. This is a winter Trek. You can see lots of snow here. This is a perfect destination to visit in winter. According to the weather you can choose the month to visit this trek. You can visit this trek in the month of July to September. You can visit this trek any month after Monsoon. 3°c to 10°c in October to September. Kheerganga Trek temperature is 15°c to 22°c in February To June. March To May is the best time to visit this trek. Some of the area is blocked due to heavy snowfall. Most of the people come here in the summer season. March To May is the best time to visit this trek. 

Summer month ( March To June)

You can visit this trek in the summer season in the month of March to June. Temperature is hot yet the weather is so pleasant this month. The weather is ranging between 13°c to 37°c . People will do trekking in this season because roads are safest and easily accessible for summer. Most of the tourists spot this season. The lake , beautiful river scenery, fall is specially open for summer season. The price is also high in this season but the weather of Kheerganga is so pleasant. 

Winter season ( October To February)

Winter is the best month to visit this trek. The coldest weather is so attractive for Tourists. The temperature is so freezing.  Temperature ranges between 3°c to 10° c. In winter the snow begins. The winter season is perfect for couples who want to enjoy the snow fall. They stay in a hotel room and enjoy the winter season. When you climb higher  the air starts to thin down and the oxygen level is going low. If you are looking for some thrill trek you can go with Kheerganga Trek. 

Monsoon Trek( July To September)

In July to September the weather of Kheerganga isn’t recommended for this trek.  this trek you are facing landslides,  Slippery roads, blockage, and all the things you are facing on rainy days. In this month you can face heavy rainfall. This place is paradise for nature lovers. Kheerganga Trek ranges between 22°c To 32°c . Rainfall gives you beautiful vibes. The rainfall weather feels romantic for couples.

You can walk here to feel the pleasant weather.  

Top Attractive Places In This Weather

Parvati valley

It is a valley in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol Kheerganga Trek lies in this valley. This is a perfect destination in Kasol. You can enjoy lots here. There are lots of treks to enjoy your journey. The night views of this place are so amazing to see. In the evening you can see the night views and in the morning the sunshine is so attractive to see. 


It is situated in Himachal Pradesh. It is a very attractive trek. You can see lots of things here. It slopes to the right bank of Parvati river. This valley is surrounded by mountains. There are lots of mountains. You can easily climb Mountains. Yoou can reach here by car. You can enjoy 3 to 4 days here. 


It is a very beautiful place to visit. You can enjoy lots here. This place is situated in the kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It lies in Parvati Valley. In this 

Trek you can see lots of adventure things and enjoy lots of activities. This trek is so famous in Himachal Pradesh. It is mostly famous for mountain climbing. You can also do rock climbing here. You can enjoy lots here and make lots of memories here. 

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