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Dedicated Server Hosting UK Best server in the UK?

Dedicated Server Hosting UK

Dedicated Server Hosting UK Which is the best server in the UK?

The dedicated server hosting UK is the server that serves your website exclusively and entertains no other website. Usually, people first buy shared hosting and switch to VPS hosting when shared hosting does not suffice. Then, when the budget is sufficient and further autonomy is required, they switch to dedicated servers or the best server hosting the UK.

However, the decision is essential, and also dedicated servers are not very costly. So proper research is mandatory before purchasing a dedicated server. So this article will mention the two best industry names and why a dedicated server should be one’s choice at all.

Dedicated Server Hosting UK: Four Situations When You Should Get

Here are the four reasons you should spend your time and efforts on having a dedicated server Hostin UK. 

When Your Traffic is Growing

Do you feel your website will overgrow in the coming months? If yes, it would be wise to get a dedicated server before that time. If you do not, and that time comes, performance will suddenly decrease.  

Further consequences will be a sharp decline in revenue and a rise in bounce rates. So the practical approach will be migrating before this happens. 

When Security Is Your Top Concerns

No one in today’s age should take security for granted. It is essential for every website and crucial for those working with sensitive or private data. 

You may have to send a confidential email to your business partner. Your customers need to share their sensitive information to make a transaction. All these things should not fall into unauthorized hands. 

Dedicated servers come with excellent security and make you an in-charge. So you can optimize the features the way you want. Depending on your website and your stored files, you can have particular requirements. 

When You Want More Than Perfect Loading Times

The loading time is the primary concern for a website. This is a parameter you cannot segregate from other things. This prominent parameter leaves its impacts in almost every other area. When pages are low, you will see a sudden decline in engagement rates and a high increase in bounce rates. When you have a dedicated server, the probability of such things is almost negligible.

When you are on a shared server,  you do not have the complete server. Therefore, you are unaware of what is happening on other servers. Whereas what happens there can have a prominent impact on your website. Anything like a sudden traffic increase or a malware attack on your website will also harm yours. A dedicated server guarantees you have what you need all the time.

When Control is Everything

Last but not least is control. Even if you do not want previous things but want control, you should still go for a dedicated server. No other hosting type, even the UK  ssd vps, gives you the same authority level. 

One example is the server software. Yes, you can pick the server software you like. For instance, you may prefer NGINX over Apache. You may believe that NGINX is much better than Apache in resource control. Moreover, you even have the freedom to install the operating system of your choice. But, then, you also get to choose the hardware specification you prefer.    

That is what makes dedicated hosting the top choice of web developers. In addition, people with unique requirements may also want to go for dedicated hosting.  

Best Server Hosting UK: Who Deserves The Title?

The market is full of different providers. If you are a novice and want to skip the hectic research phase, you are at the right place. We will tell you about the two best names that you can freely reach out to.  

Grid Hosting 

Grid Hosting is a leading dedicated hosting service provider that offers robust solutions to run websites and online stores smoothly. Their experts have years of experience and bring you highly configured servers that boost your performance and provide unbreakable security. 

The latest hardware builds up their servers. In addition, hourly backups have been installed to make the data secure. As a result, grid Hosting provides a convenient hosting environment that gives stability and ensures 99.9% uptime. 

Outstanding Security 

Everything, including your emails, databases, and web content, will be safe all the time. Grid Hosting provides robust and automated backup solutions so you can sleep peacefully. There is so much you can do to further strengthen security, like creating backup encryptions and encrypted connections. Also, you can make restore points. 

Impeccable Fully-Managed Hosting

Grid Hosting provides wholly managed solutions for business owners who do not want to get in the trouble of web administration. Also, they ensure excellent performance. Grid Hosting’s competitive edge is the successful development of a single-tenant dedicated hosting environment that best handles sensitive procedures. 

Highly Optimized Network

Their servers utilize high-powered networks. This is how Grid Hosting ensures efficient management of sudden traffic spikes. 

The Dedicated & Robust Infrastructure

Grid Hosting’s data centres feature great in-house systems. Experienced onsite engineers operate these systems. Data centres also have the best cooling and fire detection systems. 

TheEmailShop – Dedicated Server Hosting UK

The next great name is TheEmailShop. They also use the potential of their great data centres and ensure the best security and uptime. TheEmailShop uses a fiber network and dual data streams.  

Powerful and Professional Data Centres

TheEmailShop does not rely on any third party. Instead, their teams work hard to provide impeccable solutions that impress new customers instantly. These efficient data centres also ensure all your valuable data is safe from malicious attacks. They are also best at stopping DDoS attacks. Also, the data centres provide excellent disaster recovery and cooling systems. 

TheEmailShop Offers Fully Managed  Dedicated Server Hosting UK

TheEmailShop is also the best vendor when it comes to fully managed hosting. The environment they create provides you with diverse control and lets you make any change you want. Moreover, just like Grid Hosting, TheEmailShop also uses high-powered networks to ensure good loading time and zero downtime. 

The Final Verdict

In short, both vendors will offer you the highest standards, modern approach, unbreakable security, 24 hours availability, good uptime, and solid support. If you need dedicated server hosting, purchase any of them fearlessly.


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