Accounts Manager: Roles And Responsibilities For A Successful Business

An account manager plays an important role in developing a successful business. He or she is responsible for maintaining customer relationships that promote satisfaction and retention. Account manager meets the needs of their clients or customers. They handle customer complaints, resolve the situation and maintain a positive relationship. For successful business account manager is an essential employee to gain the trust of clients and ensure each client’s needs.

Roles And Responsibilities

Establish Clients Expectations

It is not possible to lead a business without considering client expectations. The account Manager utilses feedback to better understand client expectation. Managing client’s expectations requires a strategic approach such as establishing good communication with clients, be transparent about the process, including the clients throughout the process and so on.

Improve Customer  Satisfaction

Account managers ensures the timely and successful delivery of solutions or products according to customer needs. They help customers through email, phone, online presentations, screenshare and personal meetings.

Get Revenue Commitment

Account Manager help companies to achieve revenue commitment from the customer. They also pitch around the products or services the client is more likely to buy. Account managers can help companies to identify which customers are more likely to generate revenue and profit. This helps companies to have a better plan for expected spending and improve their business.

Identify New Opportunities

Develop new business with an existing clients or new clients. Collaborate with the sales team to identify and grow opportunities within the territory. This helps them identify  the new opportunity for sales or success.

Improve Performance Measurement

Account Manager are often involved in improving the performance metrics of an organisation. Having established clients allows companies to identify how to meet client’s expectations.


Effective account managers can help the organisation to retain clients, improve business and improve customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of an account manager for a successful business are improved client loyalty, improved sales resource allocation, increased customer satisfaction, increased growth potential, increased referral rates and so on.

Required Skills For An Account Manager 

To be a successful account manager requires developing specific soft skills and hard skills or technical skills. Soft skills include attributes and personality traits that help employees interact with others and succeed in the workplace. Hard skill or technical skills refers to your job specific skills and abilities. Some of the required skills for an account manager are the ability to build and maintain relationships, problem solving skills, communication skills, customer service skills, leadership skills, knowledge of business listening skills, analytical skills and more. Now let us check how these skills help in the career of an account manager.

Ability To Build And Maintain Relationship

An account manager must have interpersonal skills to develop a longlasting and productive relationship with clients. They must be able to build a relationship with potential clients. The account manager is responsible to develop and maintain long term relationships with clients based on respect, trust and value.

Problem Solving Skills  

Problem solving skills is one of the most important skill for an account manager. They must be capable to suggest solutions to a customer problem and developing new strategies for businesses. Account managers also creates a solution to enhance the success of their company.

Communication Skills

The account manager need to speak with clients to meet their needs and goals. They need good communication skills to demonstrate company’s products and services. Account managers also need communication skills to create accurate records of their client’s accounts.

Customer Service Skills

Customer service skills include the skills that help you address customer concerns and ensure a positive customer experience.

Leadership Skills 

Account Managers must maintain leadership skills. They must collaborate with the marketing and sales department and advice them on how to develop strategies that meet client’s expectations. An account manager is considered as department leader and oversees account executive so it is essential for them to manage others.

Knowledge Of Business

Knowledge of business and understanding best and new trends in business are essential skills for an account manager. This skill can help them to identify new opportunities in the market.


Active Listening Skills

Account Manager should be an active listener to ensure client’s goals and concerns. To find a solution for a client’s problem they should first listen to them.


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