A Mini Generator and Other Evacuation Preparedness Essentials

Wildfire season means more evacuations for people living in the western United States. But no matter where you live, a disaster in your area could force evacuations at any moment. A flash flood can occur with little warning. Hurricanes might be easier to predict. But getting out of a populated place poses unique challenges. You don’t want to get caught off-guard. Have a mini generator and other survival equipment at the ready. That way, you can take care of your family when the going gets tough. Check out these evacuation essentials and be ready when you can’t stay home.

Find a Lightweight Solar-Powered Mini Generator

You never know what to expect when an emergency forces you to leave your home. Are you going to an established evacuation site? Are local authorities providing essential items? Don’t rely on other people to take care of your family. Make sure you’re ready to provide for your loved ones. The centerpiece of your evacuation kit should be a solar powered mini generator. Find a generator that is lightweight and comes with a solar panel. Your mini generator will use energy from the sun to power critical devices. You can charge cell phones, medical devices, and emergency radios. Best of all, your solar-powered mini generator will never need gas. You also won’t have to deal with noise or fumes. A mini generator can help your family stay safe and comfortable when it’s unsafe in your city.

Get a Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

It’s critical to maintain lines of communication during an evacuation. You need to be able to receive important updates from authorities. That includes monitoring the disaster situation as it develops. What if a family member isn’t home when you’re told to evacuate? You need to be able to call them and decide where to meet. A solar powered cell phone charger is the best way to charge your phone or other devices. You don’t need to plug it into an outlet. Instead, it uses energy from the sun. Get a portable solar powered cell phone charger to charge your phone wherever you are. That way, you can stay in touch with the people who are most important to you and receive updates along the way.

Stock Up on Tasty Survival Food

Survival food is essential, even outside of an evacuation. Anyone could experience a long-term power outage. It’s also possible to become trapped or stranded inside your home during an emergency. A stash of tasty survival food means you always have meals when you need them most. You can even take survival food packages with you when you evacuate. It’s hard to tell what the disaster impact will look like. Food might not be available once you leave home. So, find portable containers of survival food you can take with you.

Buy a Water Filtration System

Water is the only thing more important than food when it comes to survival. You can’t just go to the tap for a glass of water during an evacuation. You also can’t know whether water will be available where you’re going. Get a water filtration system to ensure you’ll have clean, healthy water no matter where you end up. Try to find a portable filtration system. Make sure you get a filter that can last a long time. Don’t get a filtration system that needs electricity. You don’t know if you will have access to a power outlet. Choose a filtration system that uses gravity instead.

About 4Patriots

Start your collection of survival gear this September to celebrate National Preparedness Month. Emergencies are unpredictable. You never know when they might strike. 4Patriots can help you prepare for anything with supplies to keep your family safe. Their survival products are essential for any emergency. Choose a solar generator, solar flashlights, or some tasty emergency food kits. They can help you hunker down during a power outage or make it through a flash flood. No matter the emergency, 4Patriots has what you need. Allen and Erin Baler had 1 goal in mind when they started 4Patriots: to help everyday people. They know you feel empowered when you have the survival equipment you need to stay safe in any situation. Now, with more than 190 employees, that remains 4Patriots goal. Join the 4Patriots family and prepare for anything that comes your way.

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