If you are a photographer, you know the value of a good product image for an eCommerce business. After all, the images available on the website are crucial to getting your audience hooked. It has to be perfectly clicked in high resolution and ultimately should allow focus on the product. Indeed, the first impression is the last, and, in an eCommerce business, product photography creates a lasting effect on the minds of your target audience. They judge the quality of your product based on the image available on the website which influences their buying decision. Thus, it would be the ideal reason why some big brands not only sell great products but also showcase the best images of their product on their website.

A good backdrop significantly enhances your product photography and can take it to the next level. If you are still wondering, what is a backdrop? Simply put, it is a background placed behind your product. It comes in various styles and sizes. There are different types of backdrops available on the market – vinyl, textured, muslin, seamless, paper, monochromatic, and matte. The list is endless. The backdrops incorporate a pinch of style into your images. When a backdrop syncs with the product, it can take your picture to the next level.

With so many options, there are chances that you might face difficulty in choosing the right backdrop for your product photography. After all, who has time and energy to dwell on trying each backdrop beforehand? Therefore, below are a few tips that would be essential for one to select a backdrop for creative photography.

  1. When in doubt, go with white.

If the idea of selecting the right backdrop seems exhausting, you can go with the white color. What makes it ideal? It is classy, elegant, and can effectively highlight your product. Apart from this, while working on the post-production stage, a product clicked on a white backdrop can get edited easily.

  1. Matte Vinyl for outdoor photography

Matte Vinyl is considered an ideal backdrop while shooting in an outdoor location. They are cost-effective, strong, easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and don’t get affected by humidity. Also, it can be easily rolled out and stored.

  1. DIY Backdrop

If spending money on a backdrop seems to go over budget, why don’t you make one of your own? You just need to put forward your creative imagination and foresight of what goes right with the product. One can use paper plates, aluminum foil, curtains, or paper-cut shapes. Not only would it be cost-effective, but make your project more fun to work on.

  1. Avoid busy backdrops

They can often lead to shifting the focus of a viewer from your product to somewhere else. It is always considered best to avoid such backdrops as they can destroy your perfectly clicked product photograph.

  1. Theme-based backdrops

If you are capturing images of a product for a particular collection, try to add a theme to the backdrop. Not only, will it give an edge to your photograph, but it will support your product as well. But the golden rule that you must keep in mind – the theme shouldn’t overwhelm your product.

  1. Solid black backdrop for an edgy appearance

You can use a dark black backdrop to add that edgy appearance to your clicked images. One should use a low-key lighting effect that will create magic on screen. Also, it is important to ensure that light from the subject shouldn’t hit the backdrop directly.

  1. Opt for subtle colors

The subtle colors are a good choice as they create a pleasing effect on the eyes and don’t overpower your product but similarly can give add a style to it.

Thus, backdrops can play a major role; they either create a good picture or break it. Most e-commerce product images are created on a white background, but colored texture images can make a great impression. Therefore, it’s vital to select a backdrop that can effectively highlight your product.

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