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7 Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training in India

India is not just a place with diversity in cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. It is also the birthplace of the sacred art of yoga which originated here 5000 years ago. The country boasts of producing some of the best yoga gurus who shared this sacred art with the world.

If you want to kickstart a career in yoga teaching, nothing could be better than signing up for a Yoga Alliance certificate in India. However, that is not the only reason for you to come to India for yoga teacher training.

7 Reasons to Join Yoga Teacher Training in India

Are you thinking of becoming a certified yoga teacher in India? You would find numerous options to choose from.

But, there are some reasons which make India different from other countries when it comes to learning and teaching yoga.

1. Birthplace of Yoga

As stated above, India is the birthplace of the spiritual art of yoga. Therefore, it goes without any doubt that this is where you would learn everything about yoga. The earliest teachings on yoga have been found in Vedas, which are the ancient philosophical texts of India.

Moreover, India is the country that is credited for introducing the spiritual and mental aspects of yoga to the West around 200 years ago. Yoga philosophy is a deeper part of the Indian culture and it is here you would learn yoga from those who live the yoga life. You will not just learn yoga asanas and Pranayama but also the rich history and background of yoga.

2. First-Hand Experience of Ashram Life

Once you choose India as your destination to learn everything about yoga, you will get the chance to experience the ashram life. It helps you dive deeper into the yoga training and focus solely on learning this spiritual art away from all the noise and distraction of daily life.

You should enroll in a certified Yoga Alliance school to experience the actual yoga lifestyle under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.

3. Helps Connect with Like-Minded People

Since India is a popular destination among all yoga lovers, you will be a part of a large international group. There is no shortage of individuals coming from all over the world to learn and dive deeper into the yogic lifestyle.

From a deeper perspective, meeting so many individuals helps you acquire different life experiences and opinions. Moreover, the common passion for yoga helps you form a common connection with other individuals. This bonding remains even after you have completed the yoga teacher training.

4. Helps You in Self-Development

If you are looking for a life-changing experience with yoga teacher training, India is the place for you. Learning and understanding deeper yoga concepts like its philosophy and history let you dive deeper into its mental and spiritual aspects.

On the other hand, the teachings in yoga help you reflect on past and current life decisions. In the long run, the yoga teachings initiate a process of self-development. With time, you develop a new perspective regarding life and the world. It is one of the major advantages of enrolling in the Yoga Alliance certificate.

5. Reconnect With Nature

India has a vast and diverse landscape with mighty snow-capped mountains on one side and clear waters on the other side. Here too you can find remote places and beautiful rural areas as well. Although yoga schools are located far away from the city but nestled in natural surroundings. It is your chance to get away from the bustling crowd and lose yourself in the lap of mother nature with yoga.

6. Experience of a Lifetime

Coming to India and enrolling in certified Yoga Alliance training are experiences that can change your entire life. It helps you develop the mindset to overcome challenges, meet like-minded people, and develop new skills.

7. Affordable Yoga Programs

Many yoga practitioners are not able to enroll in a YTT program due to budget constraints. However, with India it is a bit different as here you can find the best yoga teacher training program without breaking the bank.

These are the seven reasons why enrolling in yoga teacher training in India is worth your time and effort.


Do you want to become a certified yoga teacher and share this sacred art with others? You should enroll in a certified Yoga Alliance program to learn everything about this spiritual art.

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